Saturday, January 31, 2015

Rough Friday Night

It was a rough Friday night around here.  

Eric and Evan left for soccer practice at 4:20 and didn't get done until after 8:00.  I chose to stay home with Hudson so we could complete a good chunk of his homework for next week.

And we may or may not have flaked on this past week's homework and need to finish a page or two.  It's a distinct possibility.  #momfail #mymomisacatholicschoolteacher #catholicschoolsweekdidherin

A few pages got done, but certainly not the "chunk" I envisioned, and Hudson ended up crying for over an hour because he said it was too hard.  I thought I was going to lose my mind.

Out of desperation, I grabbed my phone to take a picture of his meltdown.  He didn't like that either.

We were able to change gears with an unexpected trip to Costco to get snacks for the spelling bee tomorrow.  I wasn't planning on leaving the house, but it worked out to give the two of us a break from homework, tears, and a headache.

We also ended up meeting Evan and Eric for pizza and called it a night.

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