Monday, January 26, 2015

Weekend Wrap Up - Awards Dinner, Soccer, and Confirmation

Another busy weekend for us.  We had an awards dinner, state cup soccer, a confirmation, grocery shopping, laundry, lesson planning, and more soccer.

The kids and I left school pretty early on Friday and swung by the bank to get our cash for the week.  Once we got home, it was a toss up as to whether or not I should do the dishes or rest before needing to pick up the babysitter.

Resting TOTALLY won!

After picking up the babysitter, I drove to Hanford to meet Eric for the annual city awards dinner.

The dinner is fun.  They have done a sports theme for the past two years, which is nice because we dress pretty casual and wear jerseys and sports team shirts.  I sported the Pumas proudly.

This was just the plate of hors d'oeuvers.  Dinner was BBQ and rico tacos.  My favorite kind of tacos.

I told Eric I don't want to go to another dinner until he wins employee of the year.  Inside joke, because he isn't eligible to win because he's in Administration.  He was on the committee that put on the dinner and they did a nice job.

We all woke up fairly early.  They boys loaded up and were out of the house by 8 to head for the State Cup soccer games seeding rounds in Turlock.  I decided to stay home because I wanted to attend my partner teacher's confirmation.  Plus, it gave me time to do laundry, wash dishes, and finish grocery shopping.

Harry and I woke up, waved goodbye to the family, and got back in bed for a bit after enjoying a cup of coffee.  Little dog is always cold.

Buddy likes resting on Eric's pillows when he is gone.

Then I got back up and got ready to go to Amanda's confirmation.  Amanda is my partner teacher at school and is an amazing person to work with.  The Mass was at St. Anthony's Church and this was the first time I've been there in all the years I've lived here!  The church is pretty, but I didn't care for the shape of the building.  Depending on where you were sitting, you could only see various parts of the church.
 I was sitting on one of the wings, and couldn't see the back of the church from where I was.  Another thing I'd never seen before in a Catholic Church was a crucifix hanging from the ceiling.  Just a little odd.

By the way, I took the above photo before Mass started.  During the Mass, Bishop Ochoa specifically told the congregation to NOT take photos.  He devoted a couple of sentences to the importance of not distracting the ceremony.  Apparently his words had no effect.  There were at least five people on my wing alone who got up to go sneak photos.  I was pretty disgusted with people.  They were blocking the rest of us from seeing and it was distracting and annoying.  I wanted photos, but I wasn't going to go against what the Bishop said!

Sometimes I wonder what it takes for people to respect rules.  How high up the chain of importance do you have to be for people to obey without questioning?  I realized today that a Bishop is not high enough.  One other thing that really bothered me was that adults were sending their kids up to snap the pictures rather than themselves.  Were they hoping that kids would be able to get away with it?  The ushers did a great job of shooing people back to their pews.

Rant over.

She's a confirmed member of the church!  That's her fiance, Seth.  They are getting married in May! (This was after Mass.  Photos were okay at this point!)

Father Robert, Amanda, and Sister Isabel.

I love how they are both looking in different directions in this photo!  Sr. Isabel was Amanda's sponsor and is Hudson's 2nd grade aide.  She prepares the kids for 1st Reconciliation and 1st Communion.  She was also Amanda's teacher when she attended OLPH as a kid!  I love the continuity of our school.

 OLPH comes together for one of our own!  Kathy (Amanda's mom and long time employee at OLPH), Amanda, Father Robert (our boss), Sister Isabel (2nd grade aide), Sister Olvido (junior high Spanish), and Patrick (our principal).
 And some random shadowy ghost like guy on the right side of the photo!

Amanda's sister and Seth jumped in the photo.

I got emotional during the Mass for a few reasons.  I am very happy for Amanda on this day.  I also was reflecting on how Hudson will be going through 1st Reconciliation in just three weeks.  It just doesn't seem possible that he is old enough to be receiving this sacrament just yet.  Sniff.  

I kept having to take off my glasses and wipe away tears!  Such a wreck!  A lady a few seats down from me handed me a tissue.  

Amanda and her family invited me to lunch.  We went to a Chinese restaurant and shared all sorts of yummy stuff!

This is the first time I've ever tried lettuce wraps.  We usually get Chinese takeout.  It is rare that we eat Chinese food at the actual restaurant.  It was very sweet to be included in the family lunch celebration!

After lunch I went grocery shopping, rested, and cleaned the kitchen.  My boys got home around 7.  It was strange being alone in the house without them.

Evan's team did really well and won both of their games on Saturday.  They move on to the quarter finals on Sunday.  Cold and dreary day up in Turlock.

I am not a baker, but I saw a recipe from Shay at Mix and Match Mama that looked really tasty.  And easy.  I made this on Saturday night while waiting for the boys to get home.

Parts of the cake mix didn't dissolve, but the cobbler was still really good.

I ate it hot with some vanilla bean ice cream.  Yum!

A few snuggles with Hudson and Harry before bed.  We surprised Hudson with the movie The Boxtrolls.  He has been asking to see this movie for weeks.  It was released on DVD this week, so Eric picked up a copy.  Hudson watched it in our bed.  He was loving it!

On Sunday morning, we were up and headed back to Turlock for the quarter final round of State Cup soccer.  We didn't have to leave until 10, so it was nice not to have to get up too early.
 I bought a new lipstick.  It's pretty bright.  I'm on the fence about it.  I tend to choose more neutral lip shades.  I was trying to do something different.

They take up their usual positions with tablets and headphones.  Every once in a while we hear a random chuckle out of Hudson.

I am very lucky that this one does all the driving.

#15 "allowed" me to take a photo at our quick stop for lunch at Taco Bell.

It was stinking cold outside.  Luckily, I brought my penguin hat.

Warming up.

 He was wondering about the team warming up with them on the field.  It wasn't the right team.  We ended up moving over a field for our game.

 Such a great group of boys.

Still pretty cold.  Fortunately, the sun broke through the clouds midway through the game.  I've seen sun now two days in a row!  This is the warm blanket Eric bought on Saturday.  It's big and warm.

Sammy.  One of the team sisters.

They won!  The score was 7-0 and we move on to the semi finals in two weeks up in Davis.

After a team dinner at Me N Ed's, we drove home.

The rest of the night was laundry and tv.  I'm looking forward to the week ahead.  I need to help the 8th graders write a skit.  Busy days!

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