Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The Glad Game

All Kinds of Things

I loved my childhood, and some of my best memories were watching old movies with my mom and my sister...especially on Saturdays when Dad was at work and we declared it a PJ day!

Some of my favorite movies were Pollyanna, Margie, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, The Circus Movie, Summer Magic, and the original Parent Trap.  If it had music or Haley Mills, I was a fan!

There is a scene in Pollyanna where she plays The Glad Game by making the best of any situation.  For example, a day home sick in bed might be the pits, but on the bright side, it can be a chance to rest and catch up on tv. My mom used to play the game with my sister and me when we were little.  I'm not sure if we liked it then, but I try to play my own version in my head as a grown up to stop pity parties and to make sure to take notice of my blessings.

It's easy to get caught up in what we don't have rather than appreciating the blessings that have been given to us.

Here are some of my Glad Game moments from today.

I am completely behind on grading papers at school.  The stacks start to build up and add to my stress.  I start to hate the stacks.  However, it is my own fault for falling behind.  Glad Game Perspective: I have a job that I love, teaching subjects that I love, with people I love!  

I had to drive across town after school to prepare for a field trip on Thursday at Color Me Mine.  I don't like traveling to that side of town.  I don't like going anywhere after school other than home.  I had to leave the kids at school while I did this task.  It cut into my grading papers time (see above!).  Glad Game Perspective: I am blessed to work at this private school that allows for all sorts of FUN field trips.  I get to spend the day with fun 8th grade kiddos making special items for the upcoming dinner dance.  We essentially get to skip school for a whole day!

I had to pick out a bunch of pieces to make sure everyone has enough to paint on Thursday.  I stressed out about what to choose.  I was irritated that the shop didn't have a selection of crosses to paint.  I was worried that I was spending too much money.  Glad Game Perspective: Um, get a grip, Heather!  The school enrollment has increased and I have a larger class than ever before.  That is great news for the growth of our school!  No crosses?  So pick something else!  It is quite a luxury to be able to come to this pottery studio and express ourselves in this artistic way with all the selections available.

It was a cold and gloomy day.  Glad Game Perspective: I have a warm coat, warm boots, socks, a scarf, a heater in my car, and even a seat heater to warm my tush!  People in other areas of the country would give anything for a "cold" 50-something degree day in California.  Also, I should NEVER complain about the cold and gloom because I really don't like summer heat.  I'm trying to embrace the chill for as long as I can!

I still had to go back to school to pick up my kids.  Glad Game Perspective: I am blessed that my kids attend a school where they are offered after school sports to keep them busy and daycare to watch them and keep them safe until they can be returned to me!  As much as I didn't want to be on the other end of town, I also had to appreciate the time alone to think, turn the radio up loud, and enjoy walking around River Park without fighting crowds.  Going there on a random Monday allows for very few people!

There is no irritation in this picture!  I treated myself to a Jamba Juice Orange Dream Machine.  But I think I can still do a Glad Game Perspective: I have disposable income that allows for treats.  I am healthy enough to go out to a shopping center to obtain this treat.  I have no dietary restrictions such as diabetes or lactose intolerance that would make it difficult to enjoy this treat.  This treat represents so many blessings when you really start to think about it!

Other items in my day where I can apply the Glad Game perspective:

1. I woke up at 4:30 and could not go back to sleep.  GG: My alarm was set for 5 a.m. anyhow, so I may as well get up, start my day, and get a few more things done.  And I did!  One load of laundry, dinner prepped, lunches packed, table cleaned, and bed made.

2. The kids didn't do as well on that math test as I would have hoped.  GG: I can keep encouraging the kids to try hard, study well, ask for help, and give it their best shot next time.  I can evaluate where my teaching may have fallen short for some students, which in turn will make me a better teacher.

3. I didn't get as much done during my office time as I would have liked.  GG: I have goals to work towards tomorrow.  I have a job that keeps me busy.  I am certainly not bored!

4. I become irritated at the end of a long day with endless chatter and questions about homework from the boys.  GG: My boys are healthy.  They have great capacity for learning.  They know that their parents love and support them in all they do.  They want attention and don't ignore us.  They are perfect gifts from God to us to raise into men.  What a serious job!

5. I couldn't start the dishes until my oldest put away the dishes.  GG: I have a dishwasher to wash the dishes instead of cleaning them by hand.  I have many dishes off which to eat.  I have food to put on those dishes to make them dirty in the first place.

When I get down and start to compare myself to others, I have to give myself a little reality check and play a quick version of The Glad Game to remind myself of how blessed I truly am.


  1. So great focusing on the positive! Thanks for linking with Tues Talk!

  2. I need to play this game myself! I hear myself complaining about my first world problems sometimes and shudder :-)