Sunday, January 25, 2015

Daily 4C - Week 4

After this week, there is only more one more week in January.  Crazy how time flies so fast!

Day 18 - Soccer team meeting at Coach's house.  We watched their game from last week to prepare for quarterfinals next weekend.  Lunch and friendship.  It was a good time.

Day 19 - Eric and I went on a date for the holiday Monday which included dream shopping for recliners, eating delicious hamburgers, and watching American Sniper.

Day 20 - Eric usually handles soccer practice, but he had to attend a council meeting.  I managed to stand outside at practice for about 45 minutes before retreating to the car to read in the warmth.

Day 21 - Every Wednesday is after school practice for Academic Decathlon.  These kiddos are sooooo smart and are going to win this year!

Day 22 - The 8th grade class takes the Constitution Test!  Many months of study and preparation took place to get ready for this exam.

Day 23 - City of Hanford Awards Dinner.  Sports theme makes it a casual and fun event.

Day 24 - Attending Amanda's confirmation.  Best teaching team/principal ever!

Busy week ahead with crazy dress up days and fun activities like Reading Night and Talent Show for Catholic Schools Week.

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