Saturday, January 24, 2015

Silly Saturday - Funny Photos

I love three day weekends, but I hate four day weeks at school.  However, kind of hard to get one without the other.  Everything just feels off and weird.  In any case, we are back to a weekend, so yay!

Here are a few funny photos from yesterday. 

Hudson didn't quite get finished getting ready for school at home yesterday!  I was telling him to make sure to tuck in his shirt because the principal was cracking down on the uniform code this week!  He wasn't overly thrilled I took this!

 I had gate duty this week, so instead of going to daycare after school yesterday, Evan came out to hang with me at the gate while I walked kids across the street.  He also wanted to hurry me along to get home faster.  The after school completely untucked look.

I'm getting to be quite the ninja at sneaky photo taking!

He still doesn't notice I'm snapping away.

He might be starting to get a clue.  I was pretty close to his head with this one!

I title this, "Evan Eats Bugs, Mom is Confused."

Miss Garcia doesn't like being in my pictures either.  Hmph.

But Miss Savino is totally game for a photo session!

She's so stinking cute!

Kindred spirits right here!

Hudson was juggling a few things after school.  He got hot chocolate at daycare.  Pretty cool snack!  He also has his leftover Doritos from me delivering a Subway sandwich to him for lunch.  Major mom fail.  I was having a rough morning getting up and ready and didn't quite leave enough time to pack lunches.  The boys enjoyed having Subway delivered!

I am really happy it is Saturday.  I hope to get a few things done to go into next week with a clear head.

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