Thursday, May 28, 2009


Wow! Two posts from me today. Must be a freakish lightning storm going on or something. Oh yeah, there is a freakish lightning storm going on! That's the reason for this second post. Eric just got done taking a bunch of pictures of the lightning storm that is happening over the foothills east of our house. I think he got some pretty cool shots.

Eric likes the first shot. I like the second one. Either way, capturing the shot is pretty neat.

More Mischief

Once again Hudson is up to no good. This time he's hanging out at my desk. This kid just doesn't quit. I keep saying things will get easier once Hudson turns 3. That's when I remember Evan becoming easier to deal with. I've been told by others that age 3 makes no difference. I am hanging onto my theory that life will magically be easier in one year and four months!

The one good thing about the pile of stuff on my desk is that it is the only pile left to sort and organize! That is just a little bitty pile compared to what it was. Makes me happy.

Evan enjoyed playing Wii tonight. Eric kept both boys occupied in the playroom while I cooked dinner and did my FlyLady 15 minutes.

Once again, not much else going on here. We are just winding down to the end of the school year. I still can't believe Evan "graduates" from Junior Kindergarten on Monday. Sniff.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

His Favorite Room

Hudson has a favorite spot in our house where he definitely gets into a lot of trouble. That would be the master bathroom. The child loves it in there.

He loves to stand on the footstool and grab everything he can get his sticky little hands on. He loves to explore all the cabinets and drawers. I often find him playing with toothpaste tubes.

He loves to stand there and let water drip onto his fingers. Sometimes this is enough to keep him entertained for 15 minutes!

Here's what I found him doing this afternoon.

He has become such a little copycat lately. While shopping today, I was snapping my fingers to the music playing on the speakers. Hudson tried to make the snapping motion as well. It was really cute. I guess he's picked up on the fact that I do my hair in the morning as well.

At one point Hudson had the curling iron up to his head like he was doing his hair! He sure does pay attention to us.

This is one room where we definitely need a door. Unfortunately, it's a wide open entryway into the vanity area. No amount of yelling, redirecting, or hand swatting is deterring this kid from getting into that bathroom to play. Now if I could just teach him how to clean it!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Typical Tuesday

For the past three months, our Tuesday afternoons have been dominated by T-ball practice. Since we do just about everything as a family, you can find all four of us hanging out at an elementary school clear across town (that's a whole other story about why we practice clear across town) every Tuesday afternoon.

Surprisingly, there is a lot that goes into this simple hour-long practice. Evan has to make sure his bat/ball bag is packed. The practice "uniform" must be clean and ready to go. We have to coordinate who picks up which kid. Sometimes we travel as a family. Sometimes we take two cars. And the most important decision...where do we have dinner after T-ball practice is over?!

A blurry picture of Evan in the car heading to practice. This is what he wears each Tuesday. No silly shorts and normal t-shirts for us, no sir. I tried to get him to wear a short sleeve shirt today given that it was 90+degrees, but Evan wouldn't hear of it.

We picked Hudson up from daycare and headed to practice. Apparently Hudson was confused by where we were going even though we have been to practice each Tuesday for three months! I just love the look on his face.

Hudson watching Kung Fu Panda for the 93rd time. I have yet to "see" this movie. I have heard it more times than I can count, but I haven't seen it. I need to climb in the back of the car and watch the darn thing!

Evan looks sad, but he's not sad. I think he just threw the ball. That's his look of concentration! He had a good practice today.

This is how we keep Hudson busy at T-ball practice...we feed him! It's hard to believe that a few weeks ago, we were out there freezing with blankets wrapped around us. Now we are all sweating in the shade.

We have one more practice and two more games to go before we are finished with baseball season for the year. Thank goodness Evan is too little for such horrors as "Travel Ball" and "Fall Ball." Apparently baseball never really ends. It does for us!

However, very soon we are going to be in the midst of soccer season. The fun just never ends!

Monday, May 25, 2009


I am sorry to my four loyal readers who have had to stare at a picture of Eric and me on our wedding day for nearly a month. Sorry, sorry, sorry. Life just caught up with us. Sometimes I have to decide between computer time or sleeping. Sleeping usually wins. Or TV wins, because you know how much I enjoy my tv. Season finales people! I love them, and I hate them. They leave me hanging until September. I digress.

On this lovely Memorial Day weekend, we blessedly had no plans. We stayed home all weekend! No t-ball, no get togethers, no dances...nothing! It has been wonderful.

We have been busy working on getting the boys' swing set finished. And can I just say that is a royal pain to put together. I write this as though I single-handedly worked on this project, when the truth is, I have done very little towards contributing to this job. Eric has steadily pieced this monstrous thing together. However, yesterday I got to help because we were at the stage of putting the roof on. I am little enough to fit up inside the clubhouse to piece the roof pickets together. And by little I mean short. Now I feel as though I have done my part to help!

Today we are organizing and cleaning. It feels good to have a clean house. I am actually typing this on my desktop computer in the office which has been out of commission for several months because I haven't bothered to put my desk in order.

Anyhow, nothing earth shattering has been happening. I will try to be better about reporting on the day to day fascinating events of the Forcey Family!

I will add some pictures to this post a bit later. I promise! See, I said I now I have to stick to it!

As promised in my post up above, here are a few photos. Don't get too excited. They are just random things from around the house.

Sometimes you just gotta eat cake. No special occasion other than the fact that my husband nor I have any will power. We picked up these beauties at Costco. The kids in my class have been arriving with these suckers for birthdays. Ugh! Can you imagine 31 kids hopped up on all that frosting at 10:30 in the morning? I think our batch will hit the garbage by the morning.

Slightly blurry picture of the half finished playset. It's getting there.

See those "picket" things up there at the top? That's what I did! I think they look pretty nice!

Here's the child that doesn't want to stay in his own bed. Last night when he came in our room at 1 a.m, I told him to look out the window and tell me what he saw. He responded with "trees." As Eric snorted out a laugh, I led him to the correct answer of, "THERE IS NO SUNSHINE...SO YOU SHOULD NOT BE OUT OF YOUR BED...GET BACK TO YOUR BED RIGHT THIS MINUTE." This child is testing us right now. So is the other one, but at least he can't get out of his crib...yet.

There. A post and photos. I will try to do better than a once a month post. I have 14 days of school left. Evan graduates from Junior K in 5 days. I can't believe we are at the end of the school year. Eric is still getting his kidney checked out. He likes the new urologist he is seeing. We are hoping that they will be able to freeze the tumor rather than do surgery. We'll know more in early June. Hudson is walking, talking, and driving us all bonkers. We love him.