Thursday, April 5, 2018

Heather Goes Back to College

My view every morning when I get up early and work on college stuff. I don't turn the tv on while I"m working. It's on only because I'm on Spring Break.

I started back to school this past January to obtain my Administrative Credential.  Boy is it rough!  Not the classes.  They aren't rough. The classes are great. I like the teachers, I am enjoying the books, and I like the time spent with the other students working in discussion groups.

What is rough is the time spent on all of it. Hours and hours of time on top of an already decently busy life.

I have to give ALL the credit to Eric for literally taking care of everything from the house to the laundry to the cooking to the kids to me. He is taking this on like a true hero. I try to help out, but I never quite feel like I am doing enough. The extra time spent reading, writing papers, and physical time in class is just a lot for all of us, and there is no way I could do it without help from my family.

It's taken me a few months to figure out, but what seems to be working best for me is getting up at my normal 4 a.m. time and working on the reading and paper writing until 5 a.m. This is taking the place of what used to be my personal pleasure reading time, but I had to make a sacrifice with something. I am pretty worthless in the evenings, so working in the morning is helping me get stuff done.

One of the seven(!) books we are reading for Wednesday night's class. I am internally struggling because we haven't yet read any one book in its entirety! What?! I keep telling myself I am going to go back and finish up these books...because I really like them. These types of books are right in my wheelhouse. I'm just not sure when I'll have the time to do this...this year, anyhow.

The classes are every Wednesday and every other Monday. They are in Visalia from 5:15 to 8:45ish. That is rough for someone who is worthless in the evenings and who goes to bed in the 8 o'clock hour!  I'm somehow making it though. Thursday used to be my favorite school day because I like my schedule that day. Now it's my most tired day!

This is the second book we are reading for Monday night's class. I'm working on the paper for this class that is due on Monday.

The program is one year. I'll be done before Christmas next year. I'm not sure what I'll do with the credential after I get it, but it will allow me to have options should I want them.

The toughest part (besides the time spent) was teaching myself how to "write" again. Writing a blog post or a letter or a lesson plan or even an accreditation document is very different than writing papers for school. And I've had to write papers EVERY SINGLE WEEK! I've also had to learn to be less wordy. We generally read 1-2 chapters out of a book and then need to summarize and reflect on the reading in 1-2 pages!  One to two pages?! I have so much more to say! It has been a learning process to cut through the junk and get to the point in a concise and clear way.

We are less than a month from finishing our first semester. We take one class in the summer and then finish up with two more classes in the fall. I know I'll look back next year and be proud of doing this.  Right now, it's a struggle to keep up with life!

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Life Lately: In Pictures and shortish captions

It's been a while since I posted, and since I like my blog for family purposes, I figured I'd take a few minutes to update our life.

In June we worked out together as a family at the gym. And Eric made breakfast.

Hudson and I played a lot of board games during the long summer afternoons.

We got a bowling summer pass that allowed us to play three games each day. I got pretty good at bowling!

We went to Universal Studios in July to see Harry Potter Land. It was Hudson's dream vacation.

We splurged and stayed in the nice hotel. It was walking distance from the park, which made it nice to take an afternoon nap.

I started a third round of Whole30 when we got home. Spoiler: I didn't finish this round.

In August we got ready to go back to school. It's Evan's last year of uniforms.

Both boys got the experience of a facial and haircut. They loved it.

First day of school: fifth grade, 8th grade teacher, 8th grade.

I realized that it will be all too soon before these two are no longer sitting at my breakfast table.

The kids got to see the solar eclipse at school. It was really cool.

Having Evan in my 8th grade class has been fun.

The boys hanging out in my classroom.

Hudson turns 10.

Eric gets a Goldwing.

Eric bought me a record player so I can listen to my dad's old records.

Eric got a new Goldwing. There were issues with the white one, so he got a newer red one for a great price. Her name is Lucille. We took her to Nevada to buy her a special seat.

Evan turned 13 in October.

Eric took Hudson to school and the field trip to the fair on Lucille.

Eric and I took a day trip to Sequoia National Park.

Having a good hair/makeup day.

Hudson and I dressed up for Wacky Day during Red Ribbon Week.

Probably my favorite picture of myself this year.

Eric and Hudson made his costume.

I was Mrs. Potato Head for Halloween.

The 8th grade students were the toy soldiers from Toy Story.

Both boys got trophies for flag football.

I started drinking hot tea.

Eric turned 49.

Evan's artwork was selected for the month of June in the Valley Air District calendar.

Coach Washington got me the best T-shirt ever! Everyone at school pretty much knows I don't like to be touched. 

The boys altar served at the Christmas Eve Mass.

New pajamas for the Forcey Family.

The boys both got hover boards! 

Mom and I had a great lunch and movie day. Animals flock to her. It's almost like they know she is the one person who doesn't want to touch them!

I became obsessed with this movie and saw it three times in the theater!

We took a second trip to Universal Studios in January.

Hudson was in the school Talent Show in February.

I turned 43 and the junior high threw me a surprise party and made me a princess.

Evan took his graduation photos in March. I seriously cannot believe that he is going to graduate from 8th grade and go into high school in less than five months.

I finished the yearbook. This page was my favorite layout of the year.

Monday, August 7, 2017

Whole30 Round 3...or should I say Whole45?

I started a third round of Whole30 on Friday, July 28.  I'm a week in and feeling a mixture of feelings!

Here's a link to my FIRST Whole30.

This was Day 30 of my first round.  I felt soooooooooo good!

I completed my second round right before my birthday.  Yes, I actually decided to celebrate my birthday early and start a Whole30.  I felt just as great the second time around as I did the first.

First off, for those who aren't sure what Whole30 is, go to this LINK.  In a nutshell, a Whole30 is an eating program where you eliminate many foods that could potentially be a problem for 30 days.  Then you systematically add those foods back into your diet in a controlled way like a science project to see if you have any problems.  It's a complete and total reset for your body.

My reasons for doing Whole30 have always been to get my food addictions and cravings under control.  There are a lot of nice side benefits such as weight loss, glowing skin, energy, clear head, motivation, improved mood, and so much more.

My summer was a little weird.  I had some medical stuff going on for the first few weeks of June.  Then I taught summer school for six weeks.  Then we went on a short vacation.  I knew I wanted to get back to healthy habits after the vacation.  And that's literally what I did.  We got home on Thursday night, and I started Whole30 the next day.

Why am I calling this round a Whole45?  Because I plan to keep up with the plan for 45 days.  Why?  It has to do with getting back into an exercise routine along with healthy eating.

Last November, my friend Laura asked me to join a Boot Camp gym with her.  It was a groupon and the price was good.  I didn't really want to do it, but I agreed, and loved it.  I loved it so much that I signed up for a year!

With the medical stuff going on back in June I wasn't able to work out for several weeks this summer.  I finally started going back to boot camp this past week.  Man, am I sore, but man do I feel good!

One morning while I was working out, I was thinking about how I started boot camp with a six week groupon membership.  I remember feeling stronger after three weeks and noticing the improvements after six weeks.  I told myself to give it six weeks back at boot camp.  It's a mental game I'm playing with myself.  Just six weeks.  Six weeks is 42 days and I add the three days of Whole30 that I did prior to exercise and that takes me to a nice round 45.

I thought pretty hard about my exercise goals.  (Eating goals were taken care of through Whole30, but I'll have to refine that for life after Whole30.)  Anyhow, after a bit of contemplation I came up with boot camp at least three times a week and running at least three times a week.  I want to build back up to a half marathon or maybe even a full marathon!  Bucket list.

Okay, now that you have all that am I doing?  Well, I haven't cheated.  And I won't.

But man, the past few days have been a struggle.  It's back to school time.  There's just a lot going on with putting together classrooms, trying to figure out where we are going to put 32 seventh graders, and ordering enough supplies for everyone.  I feel like I'm having internal meltdowns.

I was working in my classroom this morning and I just had that urge to eat all the things that contained sugar.  I'm not about to mess up my Whole30, but man the stress just hit me and all I wanted to do was drown the anxiety in sugar.  It's my biggest weakness.  I thought to myself, what else can I do besides eat?  Exercise.  I can exercise.  (And write a blog post!)

Even though it was a little inconvenient and out of the way, I drove home, made myself a salad bigger than my head, and changed into my gym clothes.  Then I came back to school to work.  I'll hit the gym before going home.  Let's see how that approach to stress and anxiety work for me!

The salad I made after leaving school and taking a short mental break.

Here are some other photos from this round.

One habit I hung onto from the very first round was drinking black coffee!  So strange even to me since I didn't even drink coffee until about two years ago!

It's easier to snap a quick picture after finishing a run to remember my distance.  Not far, but I'm literally starting from zero.

These types of salads are an absolute staple for me.  Salads bigger than my head.  I pretty much put anything in there but the kitchen sink.

New to me spice from Trader Joe's.  I really like it!

Giant salad #2.

Mango salsa and chicken.  Pretty tasty.

Another gym run.

This stuff let's me feel like I am drinking a soda, even though this is NOT my idea of a tasty soda!  Don't get me wrong, I like how these taste with a meal, but it's not satsifying my craving for sugar.  It does fill the need for carbonation.

Anyhow, I just felt the need to document the stress of the day and write out how I was feeling in regards to needing junk to calm myself down.  I resisted.  I fed myself tons of healthy food.  I took a mental break.  I did some blogging.  I'll be going to the gym in a bit.  I think those are all really strong, positive steps towards change.