Sunday, November 23, 2014

Happy Birthday to the Best Husband!

Today is Eric's 46th birthday.  I know this is a funny picture to share for his birthday, but there is a story.  Basically, I'm the most blessed person around to have this man in my life.  God certainly blessed me with an amazing person to love and raise a family.

Anyhow, last Thursday was academic awards at school, so Eric came to school that morning to see the boys get honor roll certificates and perfect attendance awards.  I'm the official school photographer, so I was using the good camera to take a bunch of photos.

After the awards were finished, Eric was walking back to class with me to get my car keys.  Another teacher started talking to me to ask if I could email her pictures of her son getting awards.  I was joking with her about not sending the pictures and started walking backwards.

I stepped back into a puddle and sank ankle deep with both feet!  My shoes and feet were covered in mud and water.  It was awful.  I was in shock and sort of teared up.

The other teacher felt so bad, and Eric helped me out of the mud.  Thank goodness I didn't fall down all together.

The man is such a sweetheart, because he went to Wal Mart and bought me new shoes, new slippers because I was feeling sorry for myself, and a surprise Diet Coke!  I needed the shoes, I wanted the slippers, but the Diet Coke was the best surprise!  I took a sip and it was like instant good feelings!

I am truly blessed to be able to spend my life with Eric.  He is an amazing father, husband, and friend.  We laugh, we accept each other for who we are, and he is our protector.  We all love this man!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

I'm Sorry to My Three Fans For Not Posting Much Lately

I'll try to be better, even if it is just a photo or two a day.  I'll try.

This was taken so long ago, I'm not even sure what we were doing.  Let me must have been at a soccer tournament.  I must have been taking off my sweatshirt and told Hudson to hold my glasses, purse, and hat.

I'm not sure of the reason for the goofy face.  This kid always looks so cute in a ball cap.  I wish he would wear them more often.  Neither of my boys really cares for hats.  He is also sporting his new Captain America sweatshirt that I bought him on a whim at Target.  Got a good deal that day.  I thought it was going to cost $20, but I bought both him and Evan a sweatshirt, and they were on sale for $7.99 each!

Yay for deals!

Friday, October 31, 2014

My Baby on Halloween

Hudson is an alien for Halloween.  Right after lunch I went to his classroom to see how he was doing.  He wanted me to sit with him for a few I did!  I love working where my kids go to school.  Here are the selfies we took while hanging out in 2nd grade waiting for the Halloween parade to start!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Funny Photos of Evan

Sometimes I just need to go through and upload all the random, strange and certainly memorable photos from my phone for your viewing pleasure.  Or at least for the pleasure of the two people who probably read this little blog!

Not the best shot, but Evan is #15, second kid from the left, short, blonde, and about to play football in Madera.  They sadly lost this game.  However, it was not for lack of good effort.

 He looks tired.  This child is really carrying a lot this fall with practices and game for his school flag football team and practices and games for his travel soccer team.  Besides the sports, he is working hard to achieve gold honor roll.  Some weeks are harder than others.

Oh my silly, green-eyed boy.  I'm really happy I got a child who got my green eyes!  Not really sure where the blonde came from, but those eyes sure are pretty!  He has since buzzed his hair which I think makes him look much older.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Bad Blogger

This post mainly has photos of Hudson.  However, I want to note that today is Evan's last day of being 9.  It's his last day of single digits!  I die.

 Sweaty, dirty, nasty little soccer player.

 Hudson made out like a bandit with his birthday money, so he combined his cash and his Target gift cards and headed out to shop!

 I got the fun task of taking him shopping.  We purposely left Evan at home because he influences Hudson.  Little man has a very sweet and giving heart and wants to please his brother.  Eric and I wanted to make sure he bought what HE wanted and not what his brother thought was cool.

 But oh the torture of following this kid up and down endless aisles.  The choices, the hems and haws, the sheer struggle of figuring out how to spend over $100!

He made his choices.  An Xbox game and several Lego boxes.  He seemed happy with his choices.

 More random photos.  Eric and I were volunteers at the Fresno State Bulldog football game a few weeks ago.  It's a fundraiser for the boys' travel soccer team...Pumas!  It was pretty fun, even if I couldn't see the game.  We could hear the roars and moans of the crowd.  It was a long 8 hours on our feet.

Fast forward a few weeks to the Parish Festival.  As the 8th grade teacher, I have to spend a bit of time in the dunk tank.  I got dunked a lot.  It kind of sucked because I bruised myself up to pieces.  There was no ladder in the tank, so I stacked milk crates in there so I could hoist myself back up each time I was dropped.  I kept landing on the crates.  My butt is seriously bruised!

Besides soccer, we also watch football.  Evan made the only touchdown in this game.  I am pretty proud of my athletic boys.

I have to admit, one of my favorite things to do is watch my kids play sports.  So much fun.  All the practice gets old, but the games are fun!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Happy 7th Birthday to My Amazing HUDSON!

Hudson turned 7 on Sept. 13.  I still like to tell the story of how CRAZY I was when I was pregnant with him. (Yes, even crazier than normal!)  I was so nuts that I convinced myself that I would simply die if the child was born on an even numbered day.  Evan, Eric and myself all have odd birthdays, so I desperately wanted this to be the case for this little guy.  Luckily, my doctor didn't even bat an eye when I told him of my NEED to have him on an odd day.  And again, luckily, the doctor was on call on the 13th, and we had already chosen to induce.  And that's how Hudson got his odd numbered birth date!

Even cooler, I later realized, is that the boys in the family all have the number 3 in their birth date: Evan 3rd, Hudson 13th, and Eric 23rd.  I am 11th.  Yes, I am still slightly off kilter, but I just love the coincidence of the dates!

Hudson got to celebrate for three days this year.  It is a tradition at school to wear free dress on your birthday, but it isn't allowed on Fridays because of Mass.  (Hudson's birthday was Saturday.)  So we bumped the free dress back to Thursday, and he chose to have his cupcakes brought to school on Thursday as well.  The class sang to him, Sr. Monica waved his arms around, the kids had a cupcake, and he got to read the spelling sentences for the test later that day!  Big stuff!

I cracked up for a couple reasons.  1. Sr. Monica gave him a birthday certificate with four pencils attached that had the name "Austin" on them.  I'm not sure if she figured, eh, close enough, or if she is true to nun form in not wasting and giving away what is extra.  Hudson never noticed, but it made me chuckle.  2. A kid later that day told me my cupcakes were good, but they tasted a like olive oil.  Um, okay kid, even though no olive oil was used in making them.  I blamed Hudson!  3.  Another kid ate a few bites, declared he didn't like his cupcake and said he wanted to take it home to his mom!  Oh the joys of 2nd graders!

I didn't get any pictures of Hudson on Thursday with his classroom cupcakes.  Had other stuff to worry about that day.  The beginning of this year is keeping me hopping!

However, on Friday, it was all about the Rat House...AKA Chuck E. Cheese.

 Hudson wanted to celebrate at Chuck E. Cheese, his favorite place in the world, apparently.

 He chose John and Sam to come home from school with us to play and then head to pizza.

 John is in 4th grade, but we are good friends with the family and Hudson ADORES him!  I always say that John is Hudson's best friend, but I'm not sure it goes the other way around!  John is always very good to Hudson in any case.

 You can see how excited Eric is to be there!

 Opening presents.
 Such excitement!  This toy flies far in to the air!

 Very cool gift from John.

 Whatever do we buy with 1000 tickets?

 Fake teeth.  Sam got Hudson a gift card to Target.  The kid has more money than I do right now!

 Birthday donuts on your birthday.  It has become a tradition of ours.

 I can't believe he is 7.

 We let him open one present before heading to his soccer game.

 A new soccer ball!
 It's the ball they used for the final World Cup game this past summer.  Dad pumped up the ball and we headed to his match.

 The kids won their game, and Hudson played great defense!

 Little boys are funny, but they are also a lot of fun!

 Evan's team had a game as well, so we were out at the field from 9 a.m. until almost 2 p.m.  I was a bit tired.  We headed to Deli Delicious for lunch.

 Bad picture with the sun from the window, but I told Evan to take a birthday shot with his brother.

I hope little man enjoyed his three days of fun.  He still will get a bit more attention from my side of the family and he gets to go on a major shopping spree with his birthday money!

Here are some facts about Hudson.
1. He is brave.  Evan often uses him for comfort!
2. He is very smart, but doesn't care all that much about performing in school.  I think he figures, I know this, why do I have to prove it to you?!
3. That being said, he loves taking AR tests at school!
4. He wiggles.
5. He wiggles a lot!
6. He loves playing on his tablet.
7. He is a soccer defender like his brother.
8. He likes to cook.
9. He seems to be popular at school.  All the kid say hi and bye to him.
10. He likes playing with the older kids.
11. He loves candy like his mom.
12. He likes his dogs.
13. He still wants me to help him get dressed in the morning.
14. He is FUNNY!
15. He learned to swim in the deep end this summer.
16. He is reading chapter books.
17, He does not like homework.
18. He is tough.
19. He is loving.
20. He is my favorite 7-year-old!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Need to Ramp Up My Photo Taking

I have not been taking very many pictures lately.  Not sure why.  Plenty of boring, regular, everyday type stuff has happened: soccer practice, school, dishes, laundry, grocery shopping.  Don't be jealous of my exciting life.

There have also been a couple of missed photo opportunities where I guess I either didn't have my phone or I just plain forgot to take a picture: OLPH Night at Storyland/Playland, soccer game (we lost), and Hudson's cupcakes in his classroom today at school.

Here are the only two pictures on my camera roll from this week:

 I have no clue why I took this picture.  I am guessing from the striped hanky in the front that it was from the weekend when I was still battling a nasty cold.  Buddy is in the top corner of the bed.  Covers are rumpled.  Strange.  Very strange.

This picture has a nice story to it.  Being that I teach 8th grade, I don't get a whole lot of colored pictures, letters, drawings, etc. from my students.  Younger grade teachers get niceties like this all the time.  Eighth grade teachers?  Not so much!  So imagine my pleasant surprise when an 8th grade boy no less walks up to me and hands me a little origami swan!  So cute!  I loved it and pinned it to my board!

Hudson's birthday is on Saturday and his little party at Chuck E. Cheese is tomorrow.  I'll be sure to take pictures!