Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Lemons for Lunch

My child is a strange little creature. The oldest one that is. Last Friday he chose to eat a "hot" lunch at school. The menu said they'd be eating hot dogs and macaroni and cheese. Those are practically the only food groups Evan recognizes, so of course I enticed him to eat this lovely meal. Later when he was picked up, I asked him if he enjoyed his lunch. He goes into his "I am usually a smart child but now suddenly have no understanding of the English language routine." He stared at me blankly saying, "Lunch?" Um, yes child...did you enjoy your lunch? "Enjoy my lunch?" I swear he is a smart kid, but there are times I think he left his brain cells in his pocket.

This continues for a few more minutes with me prompting him about lunch and him responding like he's never heard of the word much less eaten one in his life. Finally when I'm at my wit's end and about to yell, "LUNCH...DID YOU LIKE YOUR LUNCH?" he suddenly understands again. I still had to prompt him with the reminder of eating hot dogs and mac and cheese. Then he tells me he didn't have hot dogs or mac and cheese. Huh? By this point I'm banging my head into the nearest wall.

He insisted that they did not have the aforementioned items for lunch. Okay, I'll play. What was for lunch then? According to Evan, they had lemons. Yup. Lemons. So over at the nifty private preschool they are feeding them lemons for lunch and apparently nothing else! I have my doubts that all Evan had was a lemon! Hey, gotta get your vitamin C I guess.

He played the same routine again today. The menu said sweet and sour pork. Now mind you I did not push this lunch on him, but he said he wanted it. I was all set to make pbj, but he wanted pork and rice. Once again we asked him about his lunch. Once again he acted as though lunch was part of a foreign language. And once again he had lemons for lunch, but then quickly changed it to bread and oranges. And he said pork and rice were definitely not on the table. I am starting to wonder if I am looking at the wrong menu, but then again, I don't think bread and oranges were the menu item for today either! So who knows what the kid is eating when I don't pack his lunch.

This kid is such a mystery at times! Gotta love it. Lemons for lunch.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Testing more photos

Just testing a few posts with photos to see how blogspot works. Hudson has been everywhere lately. He scales the couch to get to other things like the dining room table. However, he has no depth perception, so he just walks off the couch and drops to the floor. No bumps...yet!

Switching Blogs

This is our life lately. Hudson has learned to climb. Here he is happily climbing into the dishwasher. Fun times ahead.