Sunday, February 27, 2011

New shorts, shirt, and hat

Here are some pictures of the new stuff I got yesterday.

The shorts did well on their first test run. If these work out, I just may have to go back and get many more pairs!!

My new hat. This is the shirt that Eric and the boys got me for my birthday. The hat did well soaking up the sweat. I was quite comfortable with my gear today.

We did a late in the afternoon family bike ride. I ran while the boys rode. Once again, I am loving our family time.

Saturday, February 26, 2011


We were up and out of the house be 9:30 this morning to get the kids to a doctor's appointment. Half way there on the drive across town I decided to call the office to see if we actually did have an appointment. (We didn't get a reminder phone call, so I just wondered.)

Hee hee. Turns out we did not have an appointment. Hmmmm. What to do? What to do? We ended up doing a little shopping.

Evan needed some new shoes. I mean, he's had his current pair for TWO WHOLE MONTHS. Sigh. This child goes through shoes faster than he goes through toilet paper. We also got him a pair of running shoes for track to be worn ONLY when running.

I got a new pair of running shorts, a shirt, a hat and a water bottle. Now I just need a new pair of sunglasses and some sunscreen. Although, I'm sure I can come up with a few more things to buy for my sport!!

Did I mention that Eric officially signed me up for the half marathon in May? Yup. It's real now. Guess I better keep on with my training.

And for the final note of this post, let's read all about me!

ABCs of Me

Age: 36
Bed size: king
Chore you hate: dusting
Dogs: two shi tzus
Essential start of your day: a hot shower
Fav colour: red
Gold or silver: gold
Height: 5'2"
Instruments I play: once upon a time I could play the flute and the piano
Job title: mom, wife, teacher, vice principal
Kids: two boys: Evan 6 and Hudson 3
Live: Clovis, CA
Mom’s name: Sharon
Nicknames: I don't really have any. My nephews still call me Aunt Pooh (as in Winnie)
Overnight hospital stays: tonsils out in 4th grade, giving birth two times
Pet peeve: people who tell lies when it isn't necessary (what they are lying about has no bearing on anything)
Quote from a movie: Smile and wave boys. Smile and wave. (the penguins in Madagascar)
Right or left handed: right
Siblings: 1 younger sister
Time you wake up: 5:45
Underwear: What is this question asking? Do I wear it? Yes. My mom just bought me new pairs for Christmas.
Veg you dislike: I don't care for any cooked vegetables. I eat salad.
What makes you run late: not wanting to get dressed
X-rays you have had done: dental, sinus, knee
Yummy food you make: pork chops
Zoo, favorite animal: swinging monkeys

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Fancy Food

We have been stuck in a slight food rut lately (chicken, pork, repeat), so tonight I tried two new Weight Watcher recipes. They were both delicious, and combined with a salad, we were eating in high style!

We started with Parmesan Crisps. These were soooooo tasty. Two crisps was worth only one point.

The main dish was Chicken Cordon Bleu. It was made with prosciutto and low fat Swiss cheese. Honestly, though, I could not tell that the Swiss cheese was low fat. The chicken was seven points.

The meal was so tasty, that it was hard to believe they were WW recipes. So rich and flavorful. I felt like we were cheating.

The prep work was a little more than I'm used to, but these are two recipes we'll definitely have again.

It's good to get out of a rut.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

U.S. Constitution

Today my 8th graders took their big 100 point Constitution Test. They did very well! I am very pleased!

For fun, let's do a short little quiz right here to see how much we all remember from 8th grade!

1. How old must you be in order to run for president?

2. When is Inauguration Day?

3. Where do all revenue bills start?

4. How many Supreme Court justices are there?

5. Who was the first female Supreme Court justice?

6. How many senators are there?

7. The number of Representatives a state gets to send to Congress depends on what?

8. What is the "supreme law of the land?"

9. How many amendments have been made to the Constitution?

10. What are the first 10 amendments called?


1. 35

2. January 20

3. In the House of Representatives

4. 9

5. Sandra Day O'Connor

6. 100

7. Population

8. The Constitution

9. 27

10. Bill of Rights

How did you do? The kiddos had 100 questions to answer. I'm just happy that they are graded, posted to the parents, and done! Now we can move on. It feels like we have been studying this stuff forever.

On to the Civil War. Good stuff.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Want My Weekend Back

I was talking to my mom on the phone tonight, and I realized just how much I am loving my family right now.

It's not that I didn't love them before, but I am loving where my family is at right now. Evan is six, Hudson is three, and Eric and I are working hard to be more active and healthy.

We have had some amazing weekends in the past few months. This past weekend was no exception.

Hudson and I had an evening together on Friday while the E's were at soccer practice. Then we all woke up early on Saturday morning to do the race. I LOVE that Hudson is now old enough to participate in these events with us.

Off to a basketball game, a soccer game, and dinner. I LOVE that we can go to restaurants without fear of meltdowns and tantrums.

I LOVE that the kids let Eric and me sleep in! Granted it's only until 7:30 or so, but still! That's better than 6 a.m. on a Saturday!

I'm just feeling a sense of such happiness at where we are right now. Long family bike rides, runs, ice cream treats, and snuggling. I want my weekend and that feeling back. Luckily, it should be back in three days. I have to think of it that way!

I am just content with us. And I LOVE that.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Six Miles

I figured out how to get the kids to eat a good dinner and go to bed easily. Take them on a six mile bike ride!!

We set out on the same trail as the one where my race was held on Saturday. (We also went back there yesterday. The boys biked and I ran 3.5 miles. Today I was on my bike with the family.)

Eric and Evan zipped ahead of us, but would wait for us at intersections and tunnels. Hudson and I were a minute or two behind them, pedaling VERY SLOWLY! I have to give Hudson credit. He is a trooper and never quit. His little legs must turn over five times as much as ours.

The only problem riding with Hudson is that he is all over the place! He's either going very fast or really slow. He veers into the opposite lane or he's on the shoulder. He chatters the whole time, and he loves to turn his head around to see me instead of watching where he is going. However, he loves the ride, and it gave my legs a chance to recover from the runs of the past two days.

There was one moment when I thought he was going to take down two serious adult riders. Hudson heard them coming from behind us and turned his head to see what was happening. This caused his bike to swerve into their lane as they were trying to pass us. Oh dear Lord. My heart about stopped. Luckily they were able to avoid my little roadster. They were kind enough to be impressed with Hudson being able to ride at such a young age!

This was my view for three miles out and three miles back trying to make sure my front tire didn't hit his back tire.

Riding under Highway 168. You can just see Eric and Evan off in the distance. And this is where I would have been shouting to Hudson, "Get on your side of the line!"

Pretty trail that includes lots of trees, nice path, several tunnels, and emergency posts.

This is the park where we parked the car. I stopped to read the sign. I knew that the town of Clovis was named after Clovis Cole, who had given some of his land so that the railroad could come through. The entire reason the town is here is because of the railroad. The trail we were riding on used to be the railroad lines and was turned into a bike/walk path.

A close up of the dedication plaque. I'm guessing this site was a depot stop at some point in history. But I could be wrong.

While Eric loaded the bikes back into the van, the boys climbed the rock wall. At first Hudson couldn't do it, but soon he got the hang of it.

This was another one of those weekends that I didn't want to come to an end. Sleeping in, family bike rides and runs, good dinners, sports, ABC flashcards, double digit math with carrying, contractions, and lounging were quite appreciated this weekend.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Judicata Race

Yesterday the boys and I ran the Judicata race at the law school in Clovis. The boys did great and both won first place! I finished the 3.1 miles with an average pace of 10:59/mile. I was pretty pleased!

Here are some video clips from the day.

We are probably going to run another race next Saturday. It will benefit Storyland. Love that place! And we'll get a free train ride and ticket into the park. Win win!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day?

Today was not what I would call a warm and fuzzy day.

Eric and I are both fighting colds and are exhausted and hurting.

The biggest child spilled a brand new GALLON of milk on the kitchen floor. I don't even know how he managed it.

The littlest child decided to poop on the playroom floor. I don't even know why.

Who cares if it is Valentine's Day? Not me. Not today.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Catch Up

Before my mother reminds me AGAIN that I haven't updated the blog in over a week, I figured I'd do a big catch up post. Here goes.

Backing up to before last weekend. Thursday of Catholic Schools Week was Scrabble Day. We all wore letters on our shirts and made words with others. Evan was the letter "G" in Bulldog. I don't think I got a photo of him.

I was part of the teacher phrase, "We are the Cougars!"

I was the letter "E" in "We."

Later that night was the annual talent show.

Evan's class sang America the Beautiful. He's the blonde kid in bright blue.

I was in a special dance number put on by the 8th grade parents and teachers. It was a blast! We all wore our kid's names on our shirts.

The 8th graders put on a skit making fun of their teachers. Makayla did a great job playing me!


Then Hudson and Evan got sick over the weekend. But Evan was worse. Hudson didn't get hit until later this week. All of our weekend plans were put on hold.


Our daycare provider took Monday and Tuesday off, so we had to find somewhere for Hudson to be on those days. We were very fortunate to find a preschool through a friend who was willing to let him be there for two days.

Hudson ready for school on Monday morning. And that sucker is a throat lozenge. I swear.

Hudson loved school. Now he is back at Linda's, and he asks me every day to go to school. There are several reasons why that is not going to happen right now. I can say that I can't wait for the preschool to be open at my school. Prayers and fingers crossed that it will happen soon.


Tuesday was a late night meeting for me. Then I woke up at 3 a.m. to hear Hudson crying and trying to breathe. He was having a serious asthma attack. I ran and woke up Eric who gave him inhaler puffs and a nebulizer treatment.

We finally got Hudson back to sleep at 4:30. Eric took him to the doctor on Wednesday and stayed home with him all day. Hudson is doing better, but now the cough and snot have settle in.


Friday was my birthday! I'm 36. Sounds old. I took my 7th graders on a field trip to the ballet and then out to pizza.

While we were gone, they had secretly arranged for the 4th grade to decorate my classroom with streamers and balloons. They even brought food for a huge party! And they had tons of kids all over school sign a giant birthday card for me! So much fun!

I tried to eat the carrots, but those cupcakes from The Sugar Shack were calling my name!

My 7th graders even managed to get Evan out of class to join the party! And one kid brought steak because they know I like it! Great kids!

And how did I spend my birthday evening? At an indoor soccer game of course! We had Evan's friend with us, and the only thing not completely crowded for dinner was Carl's Jr! I told Eric I wanted a birthday meal "do over!"

The boys camped out in the family room for the night. Evan's first sleep over.

My birthday meal do over was at Buffalo Wild Wings. It's a new restaurant open across from Fresno State. Yummers!

Birthday lunch with my family in Chowchilla. Tiff got me a Willow Tree figurine. It's very pretty.

And Tiffany also announced she is engaged and getting married on April 30!!!! Thomas is very nice. I wish them all the happiness in the world. I need to shop for a blue dress.

Besides all this fun and hilarity, I also got my nails painted bright cotton candy pink, and I ran 3 miles yesterday and 3.32 miles today. Did I mention that I plan to run a half marathon on May 22? Well, I am. Gotta start building up my mileage.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Sick Boy

Evan is sick. Poor little guy has a fever and a cough. Usually it is Hudson who is sick.

Luckily he's feeling better, and I'm sure with one more day of rest, he'll be good to go for school on Monday.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

That's My "H"

Hudson went with Evan and me to Reading Night at school this evening. He had a good time eating candy, playing hangman, listening to books on tape, and finding his "H."

Huh? Yes, that's right. He found his "H."

Hudson knows his name starts with an H. He also knows how to spell his whole name, but he is obsessed with H's. Whenever he sees one, he yells, "That's my H!"

Tonight's H was located on a sign on the wall. He also spots them on tv, in the car (we have a Honda), and in books. H's are very popular in this house!

Basketball Debut

Evan has been working out and training with the JV basketball team since December. He is the only first grader (or second or third grader for that matter) in the school who was allowed to do this.

After school instead of going to daycare, Evan changes into practice clothes and runs the drills with the team. He is an honorary member who gets to work out with the team, but doesn't get to play in games. Evan has gone to many games, and he warms up with the team and cheers from the bench.

Today, however, was a little different.

Coach Dodd gave Evan a jersey at practice yesterday and told him he'd be playing in the game today!

Eric took off from work early to see Evan in his first basketball game, and it was awesome!

He got lots of play time, saved a ball from going out of bounds, and was a little demon on defense. Awesome stuff!

Suited up and ready to go. Evan told me he'd be playing against sixth graders. When I asked him if he was nervous, he said no, he was excited!

Evan is at the very left of the picture.

He's been working hard all season with his team and had a great game!

Pajama Day

Today's installment of "What in the World Will Heather and Evan Wear to School?" comes at you with pajamas!

Evan and me before school.

Close up.

My 7th graders were allowed to bring blankets, pillows and food to enhance their reading experience for the day!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

CSW: Dress like a teacher/Dress like a student Day

Today is Dress Like a Teacher/Dress Like a Student Day. Evan is dressed like Mr. Dodd. I am dressed like every girl who goes to this school! The hair bow makes the outfit, don't you think?!