Sunday, February 13, 2011

Catch Up

Before my mother reminds me AGAIN that I haven't updated the blog in over a week, I figured I'd do a big catch up post. Here goes.

Backing up to before last weekend. Thursday of Catholic Schools Week was Scrabble Day. We all wore letters on our shirts and made words with others. Evan was the letter "G" in Bulldog. I don't think I got a photo of him.

I was part of the teacher phrase, "We are the Cougars!"

I was the letter "E" in "We."

Later that night was the annual talent show.

Evan's class sang America the Beautiful. He's the blonde kid in bright blue.

I was in a special dance number put on by the 8th grade parents and teachers. It was a blast! We all wore our kid's names on our shirts.

The 8th graders put on a skit making fun of their teachers. Makayla did a great job playing me!


Then Hudson and Evan got sick over the weekend. But Evan was worse. Hudson didn't get hit until later this week. All of our weekend plans were put on hold.


Our daycare provider took Monday and Tuesday off, so we had to find somewhere for Hudson to be on those days. We were very fortunate to find a preschool through a friend who was willing to let him be there for two days.

Hudson ready for school on Monday morning. And that sucker is a throat lozenge. I swear.

Hudson loved school. Now he is back at Linda's, and he asks me every day to go to school. There are several reasons why that is not going to happen right now. I can say that I can't wait for the preschool to be open at my school. Prayers and fingers crossed that it will happen soon.


Tuesday was a late night meeting for me. Then I woke up at 3 a.m. to hear Hudson crying and trying to breathe. He was having a serious asthma attack. I ran and woke up Eric who gave him inhaler puffs and a nebulizer treatment.

We finally got Hudson back to sleep at 4:30. Eric took him to the doctor on Wednesday and stayed home with him all day. Hudson is doing better, but now the cough and snot have settle in.


Friday was my birthday! I'm 36. Sounds old. I took my 7th graders on a field trip to the ballet and then out to pizza.

While we were gone, they had secretly arranged for the 4th grade to decorate my classroom with streamers and balloons. They even brought food for a huge party! And they had tons of kids all over school sign a giant birthday card for me! So much fun!

I tried to eat the carrots, but those cupcakes from The Sugar Shack were calling my name!

My 7th graders even managed to get Evan out of class to join the party! And one kid brought steak because they know I like it! Great kids!

And how did I spend my birthday evening? At an indoor soccer game of course! We had Evan's friend with us, and the only thing not completely crowded for dinner was Carl's Jr! I told Eric I wanted a birthday meal "do over!"

The boys camped out in the family room for the night. Evan's first sleep over.

My birthday meal do over was at Buffalo Wild Wings. It's a new restaurant open across from Fresno State. Yummers!

Birthday lunch with my family in Chowchilla. Tiff got me a Willow Tree figurine. It's very pretty.

And Tiffany also announced she is engaged and getting married on April 30!!!! Thomas is very nice. I wish them all the happiness in the world. I need to shop for a blue dress.

Besides all this fun and hilarity, I also got my nails painted bright cotton candy pink, and I ran 3 miles yesterday and 3.32 miles today. Did I mention that I plan to run a half marathon on May 22? Well, I am. Gotta start building up my mileage.


  1. What a great week you had!!! Annnnndd Happy birthday to you-sounds like an amazing one!!!!!!!!!
    I LOVE those Willow Tree figurines!

  2. Glad you had such an awesome birthday despite V's Day bombing so badly. Fun, fun day! I love Willow Tree too...and awesome news for your sis! I wish I could run that half marathon with you--best of luck! I know you'll do fabulously!