Friday, October 31, 2014

My Baby on Halloween

Hudson is an alien for Halloween.  Right after lunch I went to his classroom to see how he was doing.  He wanted me to sit with him for a few I did!  I love working where my kids go to school.  Here are the selfies we took while hanging out in 2nd grade waiting for the Halloween parade to start!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Funny Photos of Evan

Sometimes I just need to go through and upload all the random, strange and certainly memorable photos from my phone for your viewing pleasure.  Or at least for the pleasure of the two people who probably read this little blog!

Not the best shot, but Evan is #15, second kid from the left, short, blonde, and about to play football in Madera.  They sadly lost this game.  However, it was not for lack of good effort.

 He looks tired.  This child is really carrying a lot this fall with practices and game for his school flag football team and practices and games for his travel soccer team.  Besides the sports, he is working hard to achieve gold honor roll.  Some weeks are harder than others.

Oh my silly, green-eyed boy.  I'm really happy I got a child who got my green eyes!  Not really sure where the blonde came from, but those eyes sure are pretty!  He has since buzzed his hair which I think makes him look much older.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Bad Blogger

This post mainly has photos of Hudson.  However, I want to note that today is Evan's last day of being 9.  It's his last day of single digits!  I die.

 Sweaty, dirty, nasty little soccer player.

 Hudson made out like a bandit with his birthday money, so he combined his cash and his Target gift cards and headed out to shop!

 I got the fun task of taking him shopping.  We purposely left Evan at home because he influences Hudson.  Little man has a very sweet and giving heart and wants to please his brother.  Eric and I wanted to make sure he bought what HE wanted and not what his brother thought was cool.

 But oh the torture of following this kid up and down endless aisles.  The choices, the hems and haws, the sheer struggle of figuring out how to spend over $100!

He made his choices.  An Xbox game and several Lego boxes.  He seemed happy with his choices.

 More random photos.  Eric and I were volunteers at the Fresno State Bulldog football game a few weeks ago.  It's a fundraiser for the boys' travel soccer team...Pumas!  It was pretty fun, even if I couldn't see the game.  We could hear the roars and moans of the crowd.  It was a long 8 hours on our feet.

Fast forward a few weeks to the Parish Festival.  As the 8th grade teacher, I have to spend a bit of time in the dunk tank.  I got dunked a lot.  It kind of sucked because I bruised myself up to pieces.  There was no ladder in the tank, so I stacked milk crates in there so I could hoist myself back up each time I was dropped.  I kept landing on the crates.  My butt is seriously bruised!

Besides soccer, we also watch football.  Evan made the only touchdown in this game.  I am pretty proud of my athletic boys.

I have to admit, one of my favorite things to do is watch my kids play sports.  So much fun.  All the practice gets old, but the games are fun!