Saturday, June 28, 2014

Getting Ready...

...for the Fourth of July with spirited nails!  I really like them!  Sometimes it's the little things that make me happy.

Besides getting my nails done, we had a day filled with soccer.  Hudson had a semi final indoor game that his team won. The final game is next week.  Evan is guest playing with the U10s in a tournament in Selma.  They also won both their games today.  One more game and hopefully championship round for him tomorrow.

Now I need to do exciting stuff like fold towels and remake beds with clean sheets.

Friday, June 27, 2014

An Eventful Day

There was a lot going on today: bowling, cooking class, lost tooth.  Quite the day!

 The day started out a bit slow.  Eric was out of the house by 4 because of a special project going on in Hanford.  I couldn't go back to sleep.  I got up, exercised, took a shower, and resisted getting dressed.

 Trying to look awake while lying in bed with my head wrapped in a towel.

 Last day of Week 2 of summer school.  I took 61 kids bowling.  Yikes!  That was quite the process making sure they all got there.  It all worked out.  Kids had a great time.

 Happy bowlers.

 Hudson bowled with the big boys.  He was representing Chowchilla today.

 Evan refuses to smile normally for pictures at times.

After bowling, we had a spontaneous lunch with Eric at Bulldog Grill.  So good.  Forgot to take a picture.

Home for a bit to relax.  I cleaned.  I'm on quite the roll trying to declutter.  Makes me feel good.  Then off to cooking class.  Grandma got the boys a gift certificate to cook.  We got a date night while they were there!

 It was candy and ice cream night!  We headed to Westwood BBQ.  I had salmon, Eric had ribs, and we enjoyed ourselves without the kids.

 The boys really like cooking at this place.  I think they look so cute in their aprons.

 Hudson had a loose tooth.  He worked for 45 minutes to pull that sucker out!

 Still trying.

 After eating dinner, we still had an hour before needing to get the kids, so we went to Bed Bath and Beyond to buy them a new shower curtain and liner.  Eric has good taste.   He picked it out.

 While Hudson worked on pulling out his tooth, Evan played X Box.  This is where I find him most of the time.

 Another shot of their candy.

 And then came the drama portion of the evening.  Hudson pulled out his tooth, started spitting on my bathroom counter, and I grabbed the paper towel that held the tooth to wipe up the blood and accidentally dropped his tooth down the drain.  I cried.  Hudson cried.  I started contriving a solution of writing the tooth fairy an elaborate letter explaining the situation.  I was certain the tooth fairy was going to have to pay dearly for this lost tooth.

However, Dad saved the day.  Well, that and clogged drains.  The tooth got caught on some hair (gross, I know) and Eric was able to retrieve it with some pliers.  Phew!

Dad saved the day.  And here's one last shot.  I bought a new toothbrush holder.  It's so blingy and pretty!

Gee, what could tomorrow possibly bring?!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Sleep Wednesday

I hit the middle of the week and just want to sleep!  I should probably try going to bed earlier.  That would be the first proactive step in this problem!

Once again, let's see what photos I've snapped.  I don't think there are that many to share.

 Eric and I went on a date on Saturday night to a place called ApCal.  It is a winery that features outdoor bands during the summer.  We went once last year to see the Marie Wilson Band, and that is who we saw on Saturday.  Good music to dance to under the giant tree!

 Paula and Anthony were there.  Hmmm...neither of them was looking at the camera.  Rude.

 Happy days!

 You can take your own food in to eat, but you can't bring in any drinks.  They sell Madera County wines.  This is one of our favorites.  I especially love it because it says Green Eyes!

 Sunday was a low key day.  We watched the USA almost beat Portugal.  Tied at the last minute.  We were all on the same couch to watch the game.  That doesn't usually happen.  Since the third game is tomorrow at 9 a.m, we decided to have a soccer watching party at summer school!  Hey, I'm sure we'll be discussing geometry angles of goal kicks to make it apply!  Yeah right!

This is how I feel today.  I worked a little bit after summer school.  Got my toes done, so that was nice.  I have a few household items to do, but all I want to do is close my eyes like Harry.  Lazy little dog.

Okay...maybe if I post my list, I'll get up and accomplish my list.
1. Put load of laundry in to wash.
2. Fold towels. Fold load when done.
3. Spend 15 minutes cleaning office.
4. Spend 15 minutes cleaning bedroom.
5. Gratitude journal.
6. Read 10 pages of current self improvement book.

Not too bad.  If I get moving, I could probably knock this stuff out in less than an hour.

And lastly, gooooooooo USA!

Friday, June 20, 2014

Random Pictures and Happenings

The following is a random collection of stuff we have been up to.

 This is an old picture from way back at the end of January, but I had to include it because I just found it again on my phone!  Seth and Hudson wearing their Argentina shirts on Twin Day!  Hudson's hair was so long!

 We were supposed to have a friendly game last night with the Chaos team, but they canceled.  Instead, the parents played the kids, we had a pizza party, and Coach Marcos passed out awards for the spring season of soccer.

 Hair behind my shoulders.
 Hair in front of my shoulders.

 Pretty much the last team shots the kids are going take as the Argentina team.  Pumas uniforms are paid for and ordered.  I'm going to miss being called Argentina.

 Good bunch of boys.  Good parents.

 First place in the league!

 Dirty Hudson after soccer.

 Today was the first summer school field trip.  We went three blocks away to the Me N Ed's for pizza making and a tour.  This is what 64 kids at a pizza field trip looks like!

It was quite a hectic morning getting everyone over there and back.  We've got a big group of summer school kids this year!  Always a fun and relatively easy trip.  Bowling next week!

We are home for the afternoon and not too much is planned for this weekend.  Wait.  That's not quite true!  Eric and I are going on a date to ApCal to see the Marie Wilson Band.  That should be a lot of fun!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

It's Here!

I've been waiting for this little beauty!

I found this website through a blog that I read.  The writer of the blog LOVES the planners from  The site has gorgeous planners, note cards, lesson plan books and more, and it is all customizable!  If you look closely at the front page of my new planner, you see a bunch of words.  Those are words I typed in to be on my planner!

If I get tired of this cover, I can swap it out for other ones.  I like this one:

I also like a bunch of others!  So hard to decide!

Anyhow, I'm super excited that my planner is here, and I can't wait to start filling it in tomorrow!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Evan Goes to Blackbeards

It is so strange watching Evan grow up.  Last night his best friend's mom texted me saying that some of the moms were taking the soccer team to Blackbeards for a day of fun.  Luckily, we have great friends who are willing to pick our kids up and bring them home when I can't do it!

Evan had a fun day with an hour and a half of flag football practice and a day at the fun park.  It was REALLY weird when his best friend's older brother was the one to pick him up from school!  I taught Kevin when he was 8, and now he's driving MY kid to the water park!  That was strange to watch!

As you can see from the pictures, the boys had a ball!

I was at school interviewing new employees all afternoon.  Even though Hudson knew he was not going to Blackbeards, he insisted to his summer school teacher that Miss Claudia was picking him up.!  Silly kid.  He got to do fun science projects at daycare.

Evan still isn't home.  He ended up at one of his friend's house after the water day.  I'll pick him up in a bit. We are used to having the kids around most of the time, so it is different having him gone for the day.  

It makes me happy that he's got such a great network of friends.  Makes me feel blessed!

Monday, June 16, 2014


I was glued to the tv set from 3-4:45 today.  USA beat Ghana in their first match of World Cup 2014!  So exciting!  (Link to the photo and article.)

Evan and I were screaming like we actually at the match.  So much fun.  I heard the commentators say that this is only the second time ever that the USA has won their first match in World Cup.  Plus, getting our first goal at 32 seconds was pretty awesome as well!  Sixth fastest World Cup goal.  Pretty cool.

Other than scream at the tv, today was the first day of summer school.  All seemed to go well. One day down.  Twenty-nine to go.  Easy work.  Keeps me busy.  Keeps me at school.  Make a little money.  Can't beat that.

Trying to clean little spots and kill ants when I see them.  Oh how I hate ants.  They are coming out of light switch plates.  Gross.

Need to make a run to the Salvation Army drop site tomorrow.  Then I can clean up my dining room.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Happy Father's Day

 Happy Father's Day to an amazing dad!  I love looking back at some of these early pictures.  Obviously, Hudson was pretty new in this photo.  Evan was three and still sucking his thumb.  Daddy has plenty of room and patience for both his boys.

 This was taken on New Year's Eve of 2008.  Hudson was just over a year old and Evan was four.  I love Hudson's grin in this photo.  By the way, Eric started growing his beard the day Hudson was born.  He hasn't completely shaved it off since then.

 The most recent picture of Eric and the boys.  This was taken at Hard Rock Cafe in Las Vegas last week.

 Out of order, but this is one of my all time favorite photos of the boys taken at my sister's wedding two years ago.

I love Harry.  That's my foot under the blanket Harry is on.  He's such a lazy little dog.

We spent the day watching World Cup.  That's about it.  I did go grocery shopping and I got my nails done, but not much else happened.  It was a good day in my opinion.

Happy Father's Day to an amazing husband and father.  Eric really is one in a million.  I'm sure someday the boys will realize just how much he does for them from nightly snuggles to managing soccer teams.  Eric loves his boys, and they love him.

Saturday, June 14, 2014


We got a new dog last Tuesday.  While I did nothing on Tuesday, Evan and Eric drove to Bakersfield to get Buddy from Mama and Papa.

He is a 6-year-old Shi-Tzu whose owner died.  The vet recommended my in laws, and they gave him to us.  We had been thinking about getting another dog for a couple of reasons.  Bandit is pretty old and when it is his time, we know that Harry will need a friend because he is so dependent and needy.

 Buddy likes lying on the cooler tile.  Harry likes to antagonize Buddy.  Poor new dog just wants a moment of peace.  No one gets peace with Harry around!

 Buddy isn't overweight, but he is one SOLID dog.  He weighs about 20 pounds and is pretty hefty to pick up.

 Cute little face!

  Sometimes Buddy manages to get his own couch cushion.

 A rare shot with all three dogs.

These two crack me up with how close they sleep.  That is Harry's choice.  Bandit doesn't purposely snuggle up to Harry, but he doesn't seem to mind when Harry presses up against him.

Buddy has been in the family for less than a week, but he seems to be settling in just fine.