Friday, June 13, 2014

Summer Vacation!

A lot has happened since I last posted: school ended, awards happened, a trip to Vegas for a funeral was taken, and my dropbox account was out of room, so it was hard for me to post pictures!

Let's recap, shall we?

 A few days after the 8th grade trip to the water park, it was the 4th-7th graders turn to enjoy a day in the sun.  Evan was excited because this was his first time at the "big kid" field trip.

 I bought the boys new bathing suits, goggles, and World Cup T-shirts for their last day of school presents.  However, Evan really needed a bathing suit for the water park, so I gave them their suits on Thursday.  I love Evan's flower suit.  He seems to like it as well.

 I barely saw him throughout the day.  He was having so much fun hanging with his friends.  Funny story: he and his friend Isaiah were going to split the cost of renting a boat (see picture).  Evan got super excited when I told him I was going to pay for his boat.  It was very sweet.

 I decided on pony tails for this field trip.  And a sucker.

 I look a bit goofy in the photo, but Miss V looks great!  She's getting married next December!

 Coach Washington hanging out.  We all floated in the lazy river.  Relaxing day.

 Hi Stacey!

 She got mad that I took a photo without her knowing, so I took another.  Little did she know both would end up on the blog!  It was a very easy and low key day.  Perfect way to end the year the day before awards.

 On the last day of school, Eric was with us for Mass and awards.  Both kids got an Excellence in P.E. award, and Evan got Principal's Honor Roll.  So proud.  Right after school was over at 11 we headed to Las Vegas.  We ate at the Hard Rock Cafe our first night there.

The reason for the trip was because Eric's sister, Cynthia, passed away a few weeks ago, and we were heading there for the funeral.  I didn't mention it before because not everyone in the family was immediately aware of the circumstances.  She had a heart attack and passed away in her sleep.  Very sad situation.

 First night in the hotel.  The boys were snuggled up with each other...kind of like the dogs!

 We decided to stay one extra day to make a tiny vacation out of the long trip.  Ever since I ate at The Rain Forest Cafe in Anaheim, I have been wanting to take the boys.  Since there was one at the MGM Grand, we ate there on night three.  Hudson loved it when the animals started moving!  Evan said he liked it as well.

We changed hotels for night three.  Eric plays a game online and earns points.  He redeemed his points for a free night at Circus Circus!  After Rain Forest Cafe, we went back to our hotel and proceeded to spend $60 for the lovely stuffed animals in the above photo!  Ah well.  The boys had a TON of fun playing games.

 After driving home on Monday, we did NOTHING on Tuesday.  I worked a bit on Wednesday.  Then we went to visit Grandma on Thursday.  She bought the boys mustache straws.
 Grandma loves us!

 They aged over night!

We left Grandma's house and went to soccer practice.  Apparently, there was a fire off in the distance.  Not good.  I submitted my photo to ABC 30.  They never responded.  They didn't care!

 I had to work again today.  People like to get their paychecks!  After we left school, the kids and I headed to the movies to see How to Train Your Dragon 2.  We were too early.  I guess I misread Fandango.  We bought the tickets and went to lunch.

 Miss Drew asked me if I could pick up a package at their house.  She said we could use the pool!  Yay! Too cold for me, but Hudson is doing great with his swimming skills.  Maybe tomorrow I'll get in and teach him a few more things.

 He's not afraid of the water.  Goggles help.

 Their back yard is GORGEOUS!  Evan was being a pill and didn't want his picture taken.  Oh well.  Too bad.

 Chicken is a fish!

Evan and Eric relax after dinner by the pool.

That is what we have been up to for the past week or so.  I spent a good amount of time going through my dropbox files to free up space.  I should be posting regularly for the summer.

Oh, and we are SUPER excited that World Cup has started!!!  I've already watched three games!  I NEVER would have dreamed I would care, much less pay attention, to soccer!

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