Wednesday, June 4, 2014

New Shoes and Healthy Lungs

My little goofy-faced kid.  Post shower jumping on my bed.

 Someday this face is going to grow up and leave me.  Hard to imagine.

 When did his little body get so long?  And how did I miss it?

 After our Weight Watchers meeting, we ate at El Pollo Loco.  Then Eric took Hudson to get new shoes, and I took Evan to Wal Mart to get snacks for the trip to the water park tomorrow.

Hudson gets a field trip tomorrow as well.  His class is off to Pump it Up and then back to school for a pizza and ice cream party.

Harry was missing his best friend.  He often climbs into Eric's neck and just stays there.

Today was interesting.  I had my follow up appointment to see if my lungs are going to give out on me.  They aren't.  I'm fine.  The doctor was a little more forthcoming about the bad stuff that could have been my life if the test came back positive for restricted lung disease.  Biopsies, steroid, oxygen.  Yikes!  I'm glad I didn't do any research or know how serious of a thing he was looking at when sending me for those breathing tests.  Basically, I don't breathe out the same amount of air as everyone else.  I take in enough oxygen and it circulates through my blood stream properly, but I can't blow out very well.  In other words, instruments that require large amount of puffed air are not for me.  Piano is more my speed!

School was crazy busy.  Kindergarten graduation.  Filling out awards.  Planning our schedule for next year.  Planning summer school.  Filling out yet more awards.  Assigning summer algebra homework.

The kids were super excited...NOT!  I gave them the first two chapters to have completed as they walk in the door on the first day of school in August.  However, I really stressed that coming to summer math camp is a good thing because I would be going over the first two chapters there.  In other words, getting this work done will be a LOT easier if they are at math camp.

Can't believe it is 8:30.  I have a lot of awards to finish before heading to the water park.

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