Monday, June 2, 2014

Recovering From the Weekend

Farewell happened.  Costco happened.  Graduation happened.  Three graduation parties happened.  Soccer happened.  Team pizza party happened.  Four boys running around my house playing happened.  Filling out awards happened.  Laundry happened.

What didn't happen was getting to the grocery store, getting my Sunday paper for my coupons and making my CVS run.  For that, I am a bit bummed.

I don't have any pictures of farewell or graduation because I was busy running the events.  I don't know that the parents would have understood if I told them to pause so I could take pictures for my blog.

Trust me, though, both events were amazing, beautiful, fun, rewarding, and worth it!

 Must be nice to have a warm and fuzzy blanket to rest upon.  These two dogs have a nice life.

 Harry.  I don't think it's that cute of a shot of him.

Bandit.  He needs to be groomed.  Looking a little shaggy.

 Hudson (left) and Nathan head to head playing on a phone.  Sometimes it's tough being the little brother.  Somehow these two manage to find things to do during soccer games.  I always crack up at how close they sit to play games.  Gives me the heebie geebies to sit that close to people!

 The team we played was tough and were up 3-0 in the second half.  I was so proud of our boys for keeping their heads up and staying calm.  They managed to rally back to tie the game 3-3.  That was enough to give us first place for the spring league!  Evan is on the far left.

 They boys always come over to the parent side for high fives.

 It was pretty hot outside.  Sweaty Hudson.

We have the first of two award ceremonies this afternoon.  Today is the sports and third trimester awards such as grades and perfect attendance.  Friday after Mass we have the end of year awards.  The photo above is the hundred or so awards that I have already filled out.

My 8th graders are gone and graduated, but that doesn't mean I am short on things to do.  Clean my office and classroom are at the top of the list along with getting ready for awards.  I'm also going on two field trips this week.  It won't slow down until next week!

 The flowers I received at Farewell from the students as a thank you.  They look great on the corner table and the lilies are just starting to open.

These are the roses that I purchased from Costco for the graduation.  After the ceremony, I brought them home to enjoy.  They are gorgeous!  Roses from Costco are only $16.99 for TWO dozen!  It's almost worth it to buy some every few weeks to pretty up the table where I sit!

In any case, both bouquets make me surprisingly happy.

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