Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Off to the Water Park

Today was the little kid field trip to Blackbeard's.  It is a water park/game/ride park.  I only took Hudson because it is much easier to keep track of one kid rather than multiple.  It's a good thing I only had him, because I ended up having to stay late to make sure all parents left, and I didn't get back to school until close to 1 p.m. 

 Apparently Hudson needs new shoes.  Ugh!  My kids are so rough on shoes.  These puppies need to last three more days.  However, he'll need tennis shoes for summer stuff, so looks like a trip to the shoe store is happening soon.

 Mommy and Hudson heading to the water park.

 Ready to play Laser Tag.

 Bumber boats!

 Waiting for everyone to be loaded in their boat.

 Enough with the pictures, Mom!

 Manning the boat with ease.

 Piece of cake!  (Other kids got stuck...there was a bit of drama!)

Almost time to go home!

Yesterday the preschool had their graduation.  These were some of the decorations up on the wall.  Super cute!  I'm thinking of doing something like this at an 8th grade level!  Maybe for Open House!  Parents would love it!

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