Friday, June 27, 2014

An Eventful Day

There was a lot going on today: bowling, cooking class, lost tooth.  Quite the day!

 The day started out a bit slow.  Eric was out of the house by 4 because of a special project going on in Hanford.  I couldn't go back to sleep.  I got up, exercised, took a shower, and resisted getting dressed.

 Trying to look awake while lying in bed with my head wrapped in a towel.

 Last day of Week 2 of summer school.  I took 61 kids bowling.  Yikes!  That was quite the process making sure they all got there.  It all worked out.  Kids had a great time.

 Happy bowlers.

 Hudson bowled with the big boys.  He was representing Chowchilla today.

 Evan refuses to smile normally for pictures at times.

After bowling, we had a spontaneous lunch with Eric at Bulldog Grill.  So good.  Forgot to take a picture.

Home for a bit to relax.  I cleaned.  I'm on quite the roll trying to declutter.  Makes me feel good.  Then off to cooking class.  Grandma got the boys a gift certificate to cook.  We got a date night while they were there!

 It was candy and ice cream night!  We headed to Westwood BBQ.  I had salmon, Eric had ribs, and we enjoyed ourselves without the kids.

 The boys really like cooking at this place.  I think they look so cute in their aprons.

 Hudson had a loose tooth.  He worked for 45 minutes to pull that sucker out!

 Still trying.

 After eating dinner, we still had an hour before needing to get the kids, so we went to Bed Bath and Beyond to buy them a new shower curtain and liner.  Eric has good taste.   He picked it out.

 While Hudson worked on pulling out his tooth, Evan played X Box.  This is where I find him most of the time.

 Another shot of their candy.

 And then came the drama portion of the evening.  Hudson pulled out his tooth, started spitting on my bathroom counter, and I grabbed the paper towel that held the tooth to wipe up the blood and accidentally dropped his tooth down the drain.  I cried.  Hudson cried.  I started contriving a solution of writing the tooth fairy an elaborate letter explaining the situation.  I was certain the tooth fairy was going to have to pay dearly for this lost tooth.

However, Dad saved the day.  Well, that and clogged drains.  The tooth got caught on some hair (gross, I know) and Eric was able to retrieve it with some pliers.  Phew!

Dad saved the day.  And here's one last shot.  I bought a new toothbrush holder.  It's so blingy and pretty!

Gee, what could tomorrow possibly bring?!

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