Friday, June 20, 2014

Random Pictures and Happenings

The following is a random collection of stuff we have been up to.

 This is an old picture from way back at the end of January, but I had to include it because I just found it again on my phone!  Seth and Hudson wearing their Argentina shirts on Twin Day!  Hudson's hair was so long!

 We were supposed to have a friendly game last night with the Chaos team, but they canceled.  Instead, the parents played the kids, we had a pizza party, and Coach Marcos passed out awards for the spring season of soccer.

 Hair behind my shoulders.
 Hair in front of my shoulders.

 Pretty much the last team shots the kids are going take as the Argentina team.  Pumas uniforms are paid for and ordered.  I'm going to miss being called Argentina.

 Good bunch of boys.  Good parents.

 First place in the league!

 Dirty Hudson after soccer.

 Today was the first summer school field trip.  We went three blocks away to the Me N Ed's for pizza making and a tour.  This is what 64 kids at a pizza field trip looks like!

It was quite a hectic morning getting everyone over there and back.  We've got a big group of summer school kids this year!  Always a fun and relatively easy trip.  Bowling next week!

We are home for the afternoon and not too much is planned for this weekend.  Wait.  That's not quite true!  Eric and I are going on a date to ApCal to see the Marie Wilson Band.  That should be a lot of fun!

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