Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Here are a few things we have been up to this week:

-Evan had a soccer game Friday night.

-I ran seven miles on Saturday morning.

-Evan had a track meet on Saturday morning. His relay team qualified to move on to the next level. That means another track meet the weekend after Easter.

-Evan had two soccer games on Saturday afternoon. They won both games. The second game was against a nasty foul-mouthed team. The parents were so trashy. I was afraid to go in the parking lot after it was over. Evan made two fantastic goals!

-Hudson is growing like a weed. I pulled out the 4T clothes for him to wear. I love putting him in Evan's old clothes and pj's. It brings back memories of when Evan was that little. It's just hard to believe that Hudson fits into these things already!

-We celebrated an early Easter with my family last Sunday. There were many jelly beans involved.

-Hudson got in big trouble last night because he wasn't listening or following directions. He got put in bed without snuggling. That is a big thing in this house. Snuggle time on the couch is practically mandatory.

-Hudson no longer wants to sit in his carseat. He wants to ride in the booster. Constant struggle.

-We decided to get out of town for a few days next week. I CAN'T WAIT.

-Today I participated in a Lenten retreat with the other teachers at school. Fr. Robert told us about many changes that are going to be happening in the Catholic Church. Some of the prayers we will be saying are going to be quite different come Advent. It's going to take some getting used to.

-Evan got to be a reader for today's presentation of the live Stations of the Cross. He did a great job reading Station #8. We are so proud of our first grader!

-Every day Hudson tells me that he wants to go to school. Come on up!

That's about all that happened to us this week. Always busy. Always interesting.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


This kid has chapped lips. He also is tired. He is a busy kid with track, soccer, homework, and antagonizing his brother.

He now is the proud owner of his own tube of Carmex.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

First Places All The Way Around

Evan, Hudson, and I all ran races this morning. We all won first place in our age bracket. It was a pretty productive Sunday morning!

My speedy boys!

Me with my race medal!

For the full race story and more photos, click on THIS link.

One pretty neat thing is that the race director (Ken - who directs 95% of the races in town) is starting to recognize us. He complimented Evan on his speediness, he liked the boys' tidy haircuts, and he told us we were "good parents!" That last part cracked me up!

Oh, and we won a raffle prize! We got some heavy duty gray socks. Not the prettiest things, but socks are socks!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


The coach at school sent me this picture of Evan at his track meet in March. I think it's a great shot of him.

He has one more track meet unless he should happen to qualify to move on to the finals. In any case, there are plenty of local races around town that he can enter.

What ever will we do when soccer and track are done? Swimming? More soccer? Rest? Yeah, I like that last idea!


We went to church on Sunday. Evan helped Grampy with ushering duties. He does such a great job being serious about the tasks. It's cute to watch.

Hudson, on the other hand, sits with us, and asks about 1001 questions. His questions range from everything to "What's Fr. Robert doing?" to "Why is Jesus up there?" to "Why does Jesus have a hurt tummy?" to "What time is it?" He must have asked me for the time every 45 seconds.

The problem with Hudson, and I'm guessing most 3-year-olds, is that they demand to be acknowledged. And if they aren't, they make themselves known. So with each question I did my best to whisper an answer in hopes of getting him to be quiet. Yeah, didn't really happen.

However, one of his questions was priceless.

Fr. Robert had just finished the Gospel reading and had walked around to the front of the altar preparing to begin his homily (sermon). Hudson looked at me and asked, "Mom, is it half time?"

I wanted to burst out laughing. I think I just nodded that yes, it was half time. Sports family much?