Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Evan's soccer team won their game tonight 21-0! The best part...besides the win...was listening to the parents of the other team!

Comments ranged from irritation to admiration. Made me chuckle.

Good game, Argentina!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


*I like teaching algebra. I just picked up teaching the algebra and pre-algebra classes after Christmas break. I feel like the kids and I are in quite a groove. I keep telling the kids that math is my favorite to teach because there is always a right answer.

If you do the problem the right way, you get the right answer. I think some of them are starting to recognize my genius self!

*Evan is getting ready for First Reconciliation. He sang a song to me about being nice to his brother. I laughed on the inside, but it's a very sweet little song.

*Evan complains every time he has to write in cursive for homework, but he actually has rather nice handwriting.

*The Science Fair is in 7 weeks. Ugh.

*I'm going to be the Spelling Master on Saturday. That means I read all the spelling words to the kids. A little stressful.

*Hudson tries to give his toys to his teacher. He tells me almost every morning that he wants to give a car or a train to Mrs. Ortiz-Belcher. He even wanted to give her his running trophy that he earned a couple weeks ago. That little guy really has the sweetest heart.

Random enough? Mission accomplished.

Monday, January 23, 2012


We went to a birthday party yesterday for a girl in Hudson's class. It was held at a fun playroom where kids can run around and do all sorts of things including dressing up.

Hudson was channeling his inner Batman.

Not too long after this photo, he smacked his head pretty hard on the ground. He screamed. I kissed him. We left. Football made it all better.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Questions and Answers

I like these, so here goes:

Mac or PC? PC

Do you paint your own nails? No. I get acrylics put on every 2-3 weeks. I love having nails that don't bend and break.

Beach or mountains? Beach

What’s the title of the book you’re currently reading? Farewell to Manzanar. It's a book for Academic Decathlon about a Japanese internment camp during WWII.

Do you dance? Sometimes...when no one else is around.

CNN or Fox News? I guess Fox. I usually stick to local ABC news.

Do you ride a bicycle? Yes, and I need to get training to ride 40 miles in May for the California Classic Weekend. Ride on Saturday and 1/2 marathon on Sunday.

Do you get a yearly flu shot? Every single year up until this year. The rest of the family got theirs, but I somehow failed to get it done.

Best movie you’ve seen in 2012? I haven't seen any yet this year. I loved The Help from last year, though.

Do you prefer to workout at home or at the gym? I don't belong to a gym. I want to so I can take classes. I really want to try a spin class.

Last airport you were in? I think it was Burbank when we came home from visiting friends on the East Coast right after Christmas 6 years ago.

Married or single? Married for almost 9 years.

iPhone or Android? Just got a brand new android, and I LOVE it.

Do you prefer to be in pictures or taking pictures? I like being in them if I look okay!

Favorite brand of sneakers? Asics

Do you like snow? I like to ski, and it's hard to do that without snow. Do I want to sit in it and be cold? No.

Do you have/want to have kids? Two boys ages 7 and 4.

Summer or Winter? Winter all the way. Hate hot summer sun. Hate hot weather. Hate being hot. You get the idea?!

Do you know how to swim? Yes. Used to be a lifeguard once upon a time.

Do you prefer to shop in store or online? In store, but I don't really like to shop.

What were we up to last week? More soccer. All the time soccer. I'm just trying to eat healthy, keep up with school work and grading, keep the house livable, run, and watch tv. Gotta watch tv!

Monday, January 16, 2012

What We Are Up To

It's been a busy two weeks since school started back. Here is what we have been up to.

Soccer - and lots of it. Both of the outdoor teams (OLPH and Argentina) have moved to indoor. That means lots of practice and lots of games. Luckily, OLPH is not having practice because the coach (who also happens to own the indoor arena) knows that the two main players (Evan and Isaiah) are already practicing for Argentina. I'm not sure if that made any sense, but what it means in practical terms for us is only two practices a week for Argentina. There will be 18 games total from now until early March. One cool thing is that the OLPH coach told me that Hudson could play on the team! I even got him an OLPH uniform. Sorry, no pics. Bad mom. He did GREAT during his first game, and he is right there in the fray of things. Evan was excited to have his brother on his team as well. Evan is pretty proud of his little brother for having skills. I think Evan sees Hudson's abilities as a reflection of him because as he claims, "I taught Hudson everything he knows!" Hudson also takes a soccer class every Tuesday. Practice Monday and Wednesday, soccer class on Tuesday, games on Friday or Saturdays. Yep, that keeps us hopping.

Birthday Party - Where was it held? Where else...but at Indoor Soccer!

Running - I officially started training for my third half marathon on April 1. It's in Ventura, and I enlisted my cousin Michelle to run it with me. I am excited. I am feeling decently strong running-wise. Lately, Eric and the boys ride their bikes with me while I run. I like having them out there with me.

Math - I picked up teaching both math classes at school. I like teaching math. I'm still getting used to the extra time in the classroom. Running helps the stress levels I feel regarding this issue.

Meetings - Eric and I still go to Weight Watchers meetings every week. He also has City Council meetings that he has to attend every so often. I have School Board meetings once a month. I also have 50th Anniversary committee meetings twice a month. There is also going to be Academic Decathlon meetings coming up soon. Ugh. Meetings.

That's about it for now. Oh, and I got a new phone, and I love it.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Booster Seat Super Star

On Friday, Evan had a neat opportunity to be a part of a news conference about booster seat safety. The law in CA changed on Jan. 1 and now requires children to be in a booster seat until they are age 8 or at least 4'9" tall.

When Evan turned 7 in October, we told him he could sit without a booster. However, after taking one look at the seat belt cutting into his neck and him not being able to see out the window, we forced him back into his booster. He just looked unsafe sitting like that. Then we found out the law was going to be changing, so it became a moot point anyhow.

The Trauma Coordinator at Children's Hospital is a dad at our school. He asked me earlier in the week if Evan would like to be part of the news conference.

Every channel was there: 24, 26, 30, 47, and The Fresno Bee. Pretty exciting stuff!

The news conference getting started.

A police officer from the Fresno Police Department demonstrated how the seat belt fit properly around Evan with him elevated in the booster seat.

After the initial news conference, each station wanted to get their "own" shots and interview clips. Evan stayed buckled up in that funny seat for about 30 minutes. He was a trooper with the sun in his eyes.

And again in the booster.

After school, we drove over to Channel 24's studio because they wanted to do yet another interview. It turned out to be quite a long day!

My little tv star had a lot of fun! His picture was also in the Fresno Bee yesterday.

On a side note, the surprising thing about this whole event is how controversial it apparently is. I was pretty surprised at how many comments there were on Facebook about people thinking this law is government interference and how stupid it is. Really?!!

That completely shocked me. A stupid idea? You pay $20 to buy your kid a booster from Target so that in the horrible event you are in a car accident, it gives your kid a 45% higher survival rate? That doesn't sound stupid to me. It sounds like common sense. I was saddened by the amount of complainers. And to the people who made idiotic comments such as this: "We rode around in the back of my dad's pickup and we are alive and well." Well, I am guessing they weren't involved in a car accident at the time. Maybe they would have a different opinion today. Such ignorant people.

In any case, if this law helps keep more kids safe in cars, it's a good idea.

P.S. We have four booster seats. Two in my car and two in Eric's car. Oh, and yes, that is my van in the news clip! Well used (dirty) booster seats and all!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year - Happy Birthday

Happy New Year! Happy Birthday to my mom!

We woke up late, cleaned the house, and waited for my family to come to our house to celebrate my mom's birthday.

Grandma got quality snuggle time with her 5th grandson.

Cousins had fun playing Wii.

Little dogs are learning to share lap space.

We keep our house pretty cold...65 degrees or cooler. When my family comes over, they freeze. Even though it was 64 degrees outside, we turned on the fireplace. Eric was in shorts and a t-shirt all day. At least the dogs liked the warmth!

Grandma opened her birthday presents. Hudson gave her a picture of himself dressed as a cowboy.

Grandma requested German Chocolate Cake. Making a wish!

It was a good day.