Sunday, January 22, 2012

Questions and Answers

I like these, so here goes:

Mac or PC? PC

Do you paint your own nails? No. I get acrylics put on every 2-3 weeks. I love having nails that don't bend and break.

Beach or mountains? Beach

What’s the title of the book you’re currently reading? Farewell to Manzanar. It's a book for Academic Decathlon about a Japanese internment camp during WWII.

Do you dance? Sometimes...when no one else is around.

CNN or Fox News? I guess Fox. I usually stick to local ABC news.

Do you ride a bicycle? Yes, and I need to get training to ride 40 miles in May for the California Classic Weekend. Ride on Saturday and 1/2 marathon on Sunday.

Do you get a yearly flu shot? Every single year up until this year. The rest of the family got theirs, but I somehow failed to get it done.

Best movie you’ve seen in 2012? I haven't seen any yet this year. I loved The Help from last year, though.

Do you prefer to workout at home or at the gym? I don't belong to a gym. I want to so I can take classes. I really want to try a spin class.

Last airport you were in? I think it was Burbank when we came home from visiting friends on the East Coast right after Christmas 6 years ago.

Married or single? Married for almost 9 years.

iPhone or Android? Just got a brand new android, and I LOVE it.

Do you prefer to be in pictures or taking pictures? I like being in them if I look okay!

Favorite brand of sneakers? Asics

Do you like snow? I like to ski, and it's hard to do that without snow. Do I want to sit in it and be cold? No.

Do you have/want to have kids? Two boys ages 7 and 4.

Summer or Winter? Winter all the way. Hate hot summer sun. Hate hot weather. Hate being hot. You get the idea?!

Do you know how to swim? Yes. Used to be a lifeguard once upon a time.

Do you prefer to shop in store or online? In store, but I don't really like to shop.

What were we up to last week? More soccer. All the time soccer. I'm just trying to eat healthy, keep up with school work and grading, keep the house livable, run, and watch tv. Gotta watch tv!

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  1. Umm babe, your ride in May is 65 miles not 40...