Friday, December 30, 2016

Beyond Christmas

We have had a very low key and relaxing vacation.  Eric was able to be home with us for the whole break, so we spent lots of time meandering around town, watching tv, and resting!  Just what we all needed.

The kids got Uno, Phase 10 and Life for Christmas, so we played games.

 The spinner was tough to spin!  Not like the old days.

Eric and I were out shopping one day when I saw KangaRoos shoes at Payless!  Oh my gosh!  I wanted a pair of these so badly in third grade, and I got them!  Not only did they make me run faster, but they had a pocket for my quarters so I could buy a cupcake or popcicle at school!

Hudson woke up on Wednesday just long enough to snuggle with on the couch and fall back to sleep in my neck!  I posted the black and white photo on social media.  Sleeping kiddos always get lots of "likes!"

I treasure these moments.  I know they are going to be few and far between as the kids grow.

We went bowling on Thursday.  I broke 100 in both games and won both times!

Bowling was a lot of fun.  We only have a few more days of vacation.  Sad.  But it's been a nice two weeks of family and relaxing.

Christmas Day 2016

We had a really nice Christmas this year.  Times are definitely different with the kids being older.  While they may not squeal at the top of their lungs at the site of all the presents under the tree, they are still surprised and thankful for the gifts they receive.

Santa made his visit!  I love how the tree is completely empty until Christmas Eve night.  It's fun to go from bare to overflowing!

I must have missed a spot with the lights because that weird shadow is in every picture of our tree this year!

Both boys came out holding a dog!

I swear Hudson has pj pants on!  He gets hot in the night and it is always a mystery as to what I am going to find him wearing in the morning!

He got an iPod touch!

Evan taking it all in!

I told Huddy to at least put a shirt on for pictures!

Hudson got a Sunnyside Bicycles sweatshirt!  Now he is like the rest of the family!

It was an Apple and Nike Christmas.

The kids failed at passing out the presents correctly, and Eric accidentally opened up one of mine!  He's going to look good in pink workout pants!

He got the slippers he wanted.

And he got Justin Ropers!  He's been saying he wants a pair for a year now, and I was super happy to surprise him with these!

Now he needs Wranglers!

The happy mess.

I am not normally one to clean up in a hurry, but it was easy to fold up all the boxes and stick them in their spot.

Hudson was already going to town on his iPod and Eric is looking at the Apple Watch that he gave me for Christmas!  I love it!

This dog has been so spoiled this vacation.  He is pretty much curled up in Eric's lap every moment of the day.  He's going to have a rude awakening on Tuesday when we all go back to work!

Ropers and pajamas!  It's going to be the next trend.

After enjoying the morning for a few hours, we all got ready to head to Bakersfield to spend the day with Eric's parents.  We had a nice day visiting with them, eating a yummy lunch, and playing on our new toys.

We got home around 7ish and Eric curled up on the floor in front of the fire.

Whereever Eric is, Harry is not far behind.

This dog is loved and spoiled.

Those faces!

Hudson had to get in on the snuggle action!

It was a really nice, low-key, fun loving, and joy filled Christmas.

Christmas Eve 2016

We had a wonderful Christmas Eve in Chowchilla with my family and ended the night at our church for Mass.  We snacked all day on yummy food, played games and opened presents.

I love the weenie dog slippers that my mom gave me!

So cute!

Evan and Hudson with Grandma before we left for church.

Last year we got to church at 4:30 and barely got a seat in the last row!  I didn't want that to happen this year so we got there early.  Like we had our pick of parking spots early!  We actually moved the truck three times looking for the best spot to make an easy exit.  Our church parking lot is not the easiest to navigate!

We had our choice of pews.  We sat in the fifth row with a nice view of the altar.

Since we got there so early, I let the kids play on their phone and tablet.

Evan and me.

Apparently, Evan didn't think Hudson needed to be in the photo!

The church suddenly filled at 4:35 and there were tons of people standing.  That's when we put the electronics away and started singing carols.  Mass was wonderful!

After we got home, the boys were allowed to open their Christmas Eve gift.

I really love matching pajamas!

So much so that Eric and I got matching pj's too!

Christmas Eve family photo 2016.  My new favorite picture.