Monday, December 19, 2016

Catch Up

I can't possibly catch up with everything that has been going on, but I'd like to give it a go since I've got more time being on vacation!

I started exercising.  I'm doing a boot camp called FitForLife Solutions.  I love it and have signed up for a year membership.  I feel strong.  I'm also building up my running and cycling again.  Feels good to feel strong.

Slow and steady.  Doesn't matter if I only ran/walked 1.77 miles.  The point is I moved.

I think one of my goals for January is to hit 10,000 steps each day.

We got the house decorated.  I put up the gold tree and the small blue tree in the game room.  The red tree came to school to be enjoyed there.  I love having decorations in my classroom!

I love a simple vase filled with ornaments and lights.  Happy.

Messing around with borders and captions.

One of my girls is moving over the break, so we threw her a potato bar party.  She always says, "Oh potato!" when she gets frustrated, so that's where the potato bar came in!  I felt so kitchen accomplished!

And I felt pretty and confident that day!

All the potatoes!

It's nice to have the convent kitchen to work out of for parties such as these.


It had a turn dial for the temperature setting!  Made me chuckle, but it worked well!

It's been cold lately.  My mom gave me blankets for my classroom.  I use them!

Potato party was successful.  More importantly, I'm going to miss my kiddo that's leaving.

Whole30 is over, but I'm still trying to make good food choices.

We bought Harry a sweater.  He likes being warm.  He hates the sweater.

Now that we have to purchase plastic bags in California, we invested in these large Trader Joe's bags.  I love them!

Mr. Skinny taking the bag off the tree.

We got the tree and I decorated it.

My favorite areas in the house right now.

Rocking the sweater.

I'm starting a Nutcracker collection.  I have four.  The gold one was from last year.  The red one was a new addition.  Love him!

A boy and his dog.


Eric's new ornament.

My new ornament.

Hudson's new ornament.

Evan's new ornament.

Where I sit every morning to drink coffee and read by the light of the tree.  Hallmark moment?  I think so.

Buddy came to lick my head when I was on the ground after a workout.

One of my favorite little girls didn't feel well at school.  Her auntie had to come rescue her from Christmas play practice.

This one stopped for a snuggle on the way back from the bathroom.

I think that is enough photo catch up for one day.  I'll post more, hopefully, in the days to follow.  I really do like looking at old posts and pictures, so I want to make sure to keep posting!

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