Thursday, December 29, 2016

The Days Leading Up to Christmas

We had a whirlwind three weeks of school in between Thanksgiving and Christmas breaks. The public schools around here were in session all the way up until Dec.23!  Luckily, we got out on Dec.16. It was nice to have a full week of break before Christmas and one after Christmas.  

Hudson was a shepherd in the school Christmas production of Lessons and Carols.

I hope someday he'll look back and be grateful to see me in his photos.  I read about the phenomenon of moms always being behind the camera and not in the photos.  I want my kids to see all of us in pictures.

After somewhat of a lag in my reading, I jumped back into it with the hopes of ending this month with a total of at least 60 books read for the year.  (I'm proud to say I accomplished this!)

The school staff got together to enjoy a Christmas party at a restaurant with some really indulgent food.

By Thursday of the last week before vacation, I was in a bit of a slump.  In my defense, I had been sick all the week before and was having a bit of a relapse.  (I'm still not running at 100% four weeks later!)  Hudson and I were a bit tired during play practice.

Hudson made us a pretty Christmas ornament for the tree.  It's made out of a toilet paper tube!

On our first Sunday of vacation, we did the Sunnyside Bicycles breakfast ride.  Hudson made it all the way out to the restaurant.  No flats this time!

Rock star!  The payoff is getting to order pancakes for breakfast!

A perfect winter night: fire, Christmas tree, lights, and reading with Kid #2 and a little dog!

One of my new Christmas decorations.  I bought about four or five things this year.  I try to be very purposeful about adding new things to my collection of decorations.  I have to really love them to buy them.

It's a Christmas miracle!  I managed to not have to wrap most of our Christmas presents.  Gift bags and pre-printed boxes to the rescue!

I did not get tired of this view all December.

Hudson and I had a movie date to see Sing.

We went to MB2 to race.  That included both Eric and me as well!  We got a groupon for four, so mom and dad got in on the action for the first time.  It was fun, but I'll go ahead and say drifting and almost hitting the walls is not really my thing!

I made my Christmas bread and Hudson helped me punch down the dough.  Actually, both boys helped me roll out the dough into braids for baking.  They were a big help this year.  Eric took videos that made us laugh.

I'm still liking my dark hair.  I'm now becoming infatuated with bright lipstick as well.  Maybe 2017 is the year of bold, bright lips for me!

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