Sunday, September 13, 2015

Happy Birthday Chicken Little!

Today is Hudson's 8th birthday. He is one of the funniest kids I know with a kind heart and an inquisitiveness beyond measure.

Let's take a little trip down Hudson Memory Lane:

 This squalling, unhappy baby made his appearance at about 8:30 at night.

We decided to have Hudson induced because I was measuring a little big, we wanted to make sure our doctor was on rotation that day, and I was DESPERATE to have him born on an odd day.  Yes, you read that right.  I NEEDED him to be born on an odd day...because Eric, Evan and I all have birthdays on odd days.  I became fixated about this detail...pregnancy hormones are no joke!

Anyhow, the doctor complied, we induced this little guy, and he made us wait all day to meet him.  I was getting nervous that he was going to be born on the 14th.  We finally had to use a vacuum to suck him out.  He was a little stuck.  One suction later, and I held this funny-shaped head kid in my arms.  And I've been in love ever since.

Hudson turns one.

 Hudson turns two.  Those cheeks...I die!

Chicken turns three and has a better concept of what it means to celebrate a birthday.

 My big kid started preschool and turned four.  Oh those eyes!  One of my favorite pictures.


Six.  Normally, you get to wear free dress on your birthday at school, but Hudson's birthday fell on a Friday that year.  We switched his free dress day to another day.

Huddy turned 7 and celebrated at Chuck E. Cheese with a few friends.

That brings us to today.  We got donuts and chocolate milk for breakfast before church.  I told Hudson he had to take a shower and get completely ready for Mass before he could open his present!  He got a gaming headset like Evan's.

No, I didn't wrap his present.  I'm guessing he didn't care.  Harry is very interested in the package.

What could it be?

It's what he asked for...along with wanting $60.  He didn't get the $60.  I think he wanted that specific amount for some game update!

The official Facebook and Instagram picture.

He looks thrilled to be holding up 8 fingers.  He was dressed in his uniform for Sunday Mass because it was the monthly OLPH student Mass.

Good Catholic boy tucking in his shirt.

Hudson negotiated sausage, bacon, and eggs for his birthday lunch.  Dad is always in charge of breakfast fare.

The kid wanted sausage, and he ate a lot of it!

 After a relaxing afternoon playing video games, we ventured across town to Five Guys for Hudson's birthday dinner.  He loves Five Guys.  I don't think we've been there since before Eric's surgery!

Evan and me.

The birthday boy.

We still need to eat the chocolate cake that Eric made and blow out candles, but I think it is safe to say that Huddy had a good birthday.

And here are a few more of my all time favorite photos of the youngest Forcey.

 Dad and his mini me.

 This photo makes me giggle because of Evan laughing in the background!

 I think it's obvious to see why this little chicken stole our hearts the minute he was born.


Those pudgy little thighs!

 Those eyes still get me every day!

 These poor kids drew the short stick when they got me for a mom.  This is what passed for Halloween costumes that year!  In case you are wondering, Hudson is a Smurf Puppy.  It's totally a thing!

I die laughing every time I see this photo.  Hudson has always been our chatty kid.  He never stops talking!  I happened to catch his earnest look and Eric's exasperated look one day at lunch!  

Oh Hudson!  How we love you.  Our family certainly would not be the same without you.  Happy  Birthday big 8-year-old!

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Well Into September

The start to the school year was crazier than normal for a few reasons.  We have many new staff members at our school this year, so payroll issues had me running for the hills.  The second thing is that my Junior High Team is launching an iPad program.  It's great, but hectic and crazy working out all the bugs.

This was the second day of school.  We took the boys out to In N Out for a celebration lunch.  I took selfies in the car.  New outfit.

 I really like my blouse.

 Family selfie.  My Aunt Margaret always cracks me up when she comments on my photos on Facebook or Instagram.  She calls Eric my stalker because he's always behind me in the pictures!  LOL!

 Even big kids need snuggles.

 My 8th graders digging into their new iPad curriculum.

 On the Friday of the first week of school, we had to go watch Evan play a scrimmage soccer 104 degree heat.  I was seriously unhappy. And hot. And grouchy.

 Soccer for Hudson the next afternoon was slightly cooler.  I wasn't quite as grouchy.

 Soccer for Evan on Sunday morning was downright chilly.  Such weird Fresno/Clovis weather.

 I don't remember where we were going in this picture, but I love it that my husband is now confident and proud enough to want to be in photos with me!

 These first three weeks of school have been super hectic.  Both Eric and I have had evening meetings and obligations.  I was on soccer practice duty while Eric was at Council meetings.  After taking care of team stuff, I walked.  I like the time to walk and think.

 Tired eyes.

 I happened to tell my partner teacher that I wanted a Diet Coke, and she miraculously pulled one out of her mini frig!  Love it!

 What is it with Friday night scrimmages?  I was smiling in this picture.

 And then Hudson hit me square in the face with a football.  We both cried.  It hurt so much.  My whole face was on fire.  Luckily, no broken nose or glasses and no black eye.

 Butter and blue cheese topped steak.  So very delicious!

 Evan was grounded from video games, so his little brother sat in the middle of the room and played on both consoles!

 It was a stay in pajamas kind of day.

 Over the Labor Day Weekend, we took the boys to 2Extreme so they could jump and let out energy.  I took a laptop, an iPad, a cell phone, and a planner...and I used them ALL to try to plan out the next week at school!

 I bought snack size baggies at the store.  I've bought snack size before, but they were always horizontal with a rather large opening.  I didn't realize the new vertical shape until I started filling these on a Tuesday morning.  Dumb.  So hard to fill.

 Harry and Huddy.

 Harry isn't allowed on the bed much anymore.  I let him up the other day, and he got very close to me.

 Codependent dog.

 This thing keeps me awake at night.  I want to provide a great education for the junior high, and it is such a learning process for all involved.  I keep telling myself, "it will never be this hard again."

 Bandit is so old.  He struggles to get out the dog door.  He can't get down from the bed anymore, either.  So he barks until one of us gets him.  Annoying, but effective...for him!

 There are fires burning in the mountains just 30 miles from us, and the air quality here has been hazardous all week.  It was like a rainy day schedule ALL WEEK LONG!  No recess, lunch, or P.E. outside.  This made for some very antsy children and teachers.   On Friday, I gave them an art project to work on that involved MOVING!

 Love my kiddos.  They do make me smile.

 And now we are caught up to the present day.  Today is Hudson's last day of being 7-years-old.  He woke up early and came into our room to snuggle in our bed.

Hard to believe my Little Chicken is almost 8!  Doesn't seem possible.

I'll write a Hudson birthday post tomorrow to talk about my funny little man.