Sunday, April 26, 2009

Six years later...

Today is our 6th anniversary. Six years of fun, laughter, tears, hugs, kisses, kids, dogs, and so much love. How did we spend our anniversary? Oh, we did so many exciting things!

Evan woke us up at 6 a.m. That was a lovely treat. I made an early morning run to the grocery store. Eric cooked us breakfast. I folded clothes. Eric cleaned the kitchen. I did more laundry. We made a run to Target. Evan practiced hitting balls off his new Tee. Hudson ran around the yard like a loon. Doesn't all of this sound like a delightful way to commemorate six years?!

Our official anniversary observance came in the form of all four of us going to the Old Spaghetti Factory for dinner. All in all, it was a nice day. It was a day that completely represents who we are as a family. Kids, laundry, Target, and errands.

I'm sure Eric and I will have some alone time later! In fact, I'm sure of it!

Happy anniversary Honey! I love you.

Monday, April 20, 2009

The Day the Fish Tank Died

No, we did not lose a beloved pet fish. Instead, we lost a beloved fish tank.

My parents gave Evan an electric light up scrolling fish tank thing for a birthday or Christmas. I don't remember when we got it. All I know is that this thing has been in our life for a while. There are no real fish. There is no water. There is a screen that rolls by and a light that sort of makes it look like the fish are swimming by.

Evan has loved this thing ever since he got it over a year ago. We use it as a nightlight in the kids' room. Apparently last night the fish tank stopped working. This tragic event caused Evan to visit us no less than four times last night.

Eric checked out the tank today and determined that the bulb is burned out and cannot be replaced. I guess the fish tank was not meant to be used every single night for over 8 hours for over a year!

I guess we either need a new tank, or we need to get a night light. I am guessing that Evan will want a new tank. For tonight, the bathroom light is on. I just hope he doesn't feel the need to visit us in the wee hours.

Thursday, April 16, 2009


Eric had his gallbladder removed today. We were up at 4:45 and out of the house by 5:50. Both babies were still sound asleep as we plucked them out of their beds and strapped them into their carseats. Poor little guys! I just packed a bag for them with clothes to change into later.

We were at the Surgery Center by 6:30. They were extremely efficient in getting Eric prepped and ready to go. After he had his IV in place and his cute little gown and compression socks on, they called me back to be with him until it was time for his surgery. The nurse taking care of him remarked to me as she led me back to him, "You have a very nice husband!" I would have to agree! He's a keeper! He must have turned on the charm for the nurses!

Eric was wheeled in before 7:30, and I hung out reading my magazines in the waiting room. Having surgery is no fun, but being the person waiting in the waiting room is no picnic either. I tried very hard to squelch my worries and just focus on my magazines. For the most part it worked.

Finally, the doctor came out to chat with me and show me pictures of the inside of Eric's gut! Ewwww! He also handed me his gallstone in a little vial. Double ewwww! Eric got a kick out of it once he saw it, but thank goodness they took that gallbladder out: the stone was huge! I figured it would be the size of a pea. Not. It was more like the size of a peach pit. Sorry for being so graphic, but that's how it was!

I got to go back with Eric at about 9, and we were headed home by 9:30. We were home just a little after 10. It is unreal to think that in the span of about 4 hours Eric was able to have surgery and be back home and in bed. Thank goodness for medical science and laproscopic procedures that make things easier.

Eric slept most of the day. I finally crawled in bed and took a nap as well, but it made me groggy later. I hate that! Eric is doing well. He's in a bit of pain, but it is being controlled with medicine. He's able to eat and walk a bit. He has to be up and moving around tomorrow to help with his recovery.

Thank you to all for the thoughts and prayers. As I have thought MANY times over the past few months, we are very blessed to be surrounded by so much love.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


We went to visit Grandma today. She took me, Hudson and Evan out to lunch. Evan is getting to be such a young man. He decided that he wanted to have pancakes, bacon and eggs for his lunch. He gave the waitress his order. When she asked him how he wanted his eggs, his response was, "Good."

Ha! This cracked us up. I guess it makes sense. He wanted good eggs, not bad ones!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

He does stand up for his brother

There are some days where I feel like my two boys are at each other all day long. I wonder if they will ever play together, much less like each other! However, I was able to witness a moment of brotherly love and protection a few days ago.

Evan went with me to pick Hudson up from daycare. I was standing outside talking to Linda (the daycare provider) and the boys were running around the yard. Hudson happened to walk up to one of the other little girls at the door, and Evan says very sternly, "Leave him alone Trinity. Leave my brother alone!"

I just about fell over that Evan not only cared that someone might have been picking on his brother, but did something about it! Truth be told, I don't think Trinity said or did anything. I think Evan was just having a brother-type moment!

Linda told me that Evan stands up for and watches out for Hudson regularly when they are both at daycare together (which isn't very often anymore with Evan in school). It made my heart swell. It's nice to know that the loving instincts are there! We may not see them at home, but they are there!