Saturday, January 31, 2015

Rough Friday Night

It was a rough Friday night around here.  

Eric and Evan left for soccer practice at 4:20 and didn't get done until after 8:00.  I chose to stay home with Hudson so we could complete a good chunk of his homework for next week.

And we may or may not have flaked on this past week's homework and need to finish a page or two.  It's a distinct possibility.  #momfail #mymomisacatholicschoolteacher #catholicschoolsweekdidherin

A few pages got done, but certainly not the "chunk" I envisioned, and Hudson ended up crying for over an hour because he said it was too hard.  I thought I was going to lose my mind.

Out of desperation, I grabbed my phone to take a picture of his meltdown.  He didn't like that either.

We were able to change gears with an unexpected trip to Costco to get snacks for the spelling bee tomorrow.  I wasn't planning on leaving the house, but it worked out to give the two of us a break from homework, tears, and a headache.

We also ended up meeting Evan and Eric for pizza and called it a night.

Friday, January 30, 2015

My Favorite Part of Catholic Schools Week: Talent Show

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It's ALMOST over!

Don't get me wrong.  I love Catholic Schools Week.  But it is exhausting!

Today was "Dress Like Your Dream Job."  I love being a teacher, but I decided today I also needed to be a princess.

I dug my wedding day tiara out of the closet and "bumped" my hair up into a princess do.

I love my tiara!  I wish I had more reasons to wear it!

Evan dressed as a soccer player.  Hudson did as well, but I didn't get any photos of him in his soccer gear.  You can see pictures like that on this blog every weekend!

Dream job for one of the little girls at my school.  She looks so cute!

It's a bad photo, but I snapped this of my 8th graders practicing for their Talent Show skit.  We write a 10 minute skit making fun of the teachers and kids in the class.  So time consuming, but so worth it when we get the big laughs from the audience.

The kids take Spanish from Sister Olvido.  She is a strict older nun who means business but loves those kids fiercely.  The 8th grade girl who played Sr. Olvido in the play stole. the. show!  I've never seen the nuns laugh so hard!

Best line ever: "It's okay.  Nobody is perfect...except God, and Sister Olvido is #2!"  (Apparently, Sr. Olvido actually says that to the kids!  I die!)

Sometimes 8th graders don't listen...and my face looks like this.

These two nuts swapped clothes and dressed like each other for the day for their dream job.  They crack me up!

I think Miss Drew was dying inside while she wore Miss Solinsky's beanie!

Miss Solinsky captured Miss Drew's posing style perfectly!

Sometimes, people hate it when I take pictures of them.  Like Adam the Custodian.  He refused to look at me!

Besides dressing like your dream job, today was also Teacher Swap Day where all the teachers go to a different grade to teach a fun lesson.  I got 4th grade and we did a Lego activity using patience and teamwork.  The kids seemed to enjoy it.

This is the first time in years that I haven't swapped into one of my boys' classrooms.  It was kind of nice seeing a different group than usual.

As if Dream Job and Teacher Swap wasn't enough fun for the day, we all went back to school at night to watch the Talent Show.  I was organizing the event with Coach Washington, so I was a little busy.  It turned out pretty great!

The teachers got on stage to do a routine to the Evolution of Dance.  We danced to about 20 different songs.  The crowd loved it, especially when we did Gangnam Style!

Chipotle after the Talent Show for the win.

It felt soooooo good to get home and get my hair out of my tiara.  I'm kinda liking the soft waves.

Morning to night.  It's been a really long day.

But Talent Show is my favorite part of Catholic Schools Week.  I'm blessed to work at my school, and I am so thankful my kids attend there as well.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Thoughtful Thursdays: Where I Live

I am really enjoying participating in Kenlie's Thoughtful Thursdays.  

Where I Live
1. Where do you currently live? I live in Clovis, California.  It is a pretty large city (80,000) people right next to Fresno.  Like you drive through a stop light and you are suddenly in Fresno.  It is located in the center of California in the heart of the San Joaquin Valley which is a major agricultural food production region that supplies food all over the world.  We are about 1 1/2 hours from the mountains and 2 hours from the ocean.  It's a great location.
2. Have you lived in your current state throughout your entire life? Yes, I have lived in CA all my life.  Born in southern California, but my parents moved me to a tiiiiiiiiny town called Chowchilla when I was three.  It's about an hour north of where I live now, and my mom and sister still live there.
3. If you answered no to Question 1, then where else have you lived? Heh, I've barely even traveled out of state much less lived out of state!
4. What is the coolest thing about your city/town? Even though it is a large city, it maintains a slow town feel, especially in the downtown area which reminds me of the tiny town I grew up in.  It is also pretty safe here with lots of police presence and a great public school system (although my kids go to Catholic school!).
5. Are there any holidays that your state goes all out to celebrate? If so, tell us about it.  At Christmas time there is the annual Electric Christmas Parade in downtown.  We also have Big Hat Days and Rodeo Days which are fun festivals to attend.
6. Describe your neighborhood (climate, scenery, etc.) I live on the edge of the city limits in a neighborhood filled with single family homes that is about 15 years old.  My husband bought our house before we met.  We are the third house in a cul de sac, with an empty field across the street.  This has been great because our kids basically own the street in front of our house for riding bikes and playing basketball.
Looking at the empty field.  On the other side of the trees on the left of the photo is an irrigation canal.  It's nice because no houses are built on the curve of our cul de sac.  There's only three houses here.  Pretty private.

I took these two photos last night standing in my driveway after we got home.  The sky was such a pretty pink.  

It's really hot in the summer.  It's a dry heat, but I hate it with a passion.  It's in the 40s and 50s (sometimes 60s) in the winter with heavy fog that makes driving pretty scary at times.

7. What do you wish you could change most about the place you live? I wish it wasn't so hot in the summer, and I wish we had the brilliant fall colors that you see in the north and in the east.
8. Describe your home. What’s your favorite thing about it?  I live in a one story house with three bedrooms and an office.  We have an open concept with a fireplace connecting our living and family room.  My favorite thing about it is the open concept.  The kitchen and family room are like one big room.  I also like having a garage because I grew up without one.
This photo was from 2008, but the house hasn't changed all that much.
9. Where do you shop for groceries? I used to go to Vons (basically a Safeway), but now I go to the Neighborhood Wal Mart because everything is so much cheaper.  Plus, I love the Savings Catcher program.  Wal Mart owes me nearly $80 right now!
10. What is your favorite regular activity in your city/town? We have a great system of bike trails that used to be railroads.  The RR are how the town began a hundred years ago.  It's fun to ride bikes or run along the trails.  You can literally go from one side of town to the other.  Our other activity is soccer.  It feels like the whole town plays soccer every Saturday in the fall.
See you next Thursday!

Yesterday was Wacky Wednesday

I only have one picture to share from yesterday.

Evan and me on Wacky Day.  As usual, I was rolling around the school taking pictures for the yearbook.  I hadn't gotten a shot of either of my children, so I found Evan at P.E....again!

He agreed to take a picture since the teacher said he wouldn't be "out" in their insane version of The Hunger Games.  Basically, they were playing flag tag, but when Miss Solinsky raised her hand and said in the best British accent ever, "May the odds be ever in your favor," the kids scattered like mad chasing each other.  

I died laughing.  Then I recovered.  Miss Solinsky said she has to use the accent because the kids love it.  The things teachers do!

I don't think either of my children looked particularly wacky.  I was wackified more than both of them put together! Burgundy pants, green long sleeve shirt, handprint t-shirt on top, Mardi Gras beads, leopard scarf, two pony tails, one random blue bow, bright pink earrings, two mismatched Valentine socks, a blue vest, and sliders.

Evan wore his t-shirt inside out and spiked his hair.  Oh gee, real wacky!

Hudson had a melt down trying to figure out what to wear.  I kept telling him to put anything on that didn't match.  I realize now this instruction was fairly meaningless to him.  In his world, all colors match all the time!

We managed to scrape together an inside out t-shirt, a pair of sunglasses and spiked hair.  

I feel like we've had a full two weeks of work squished into three days.  But Catholic Schools Week is only half over.  Up next is Dress Like Your Dream Job Day, Talent Show (which I help coordinate), Mass Day, rally, teachers v. student basketball game, soccer practice, and an all day spelling bee on Saturday where I am the Spelling Master.  Yes, it is as important as it sounds!  Not!

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Color Day at School and Bucket List for February

Linking up with Erika and Emily to share monthly bucket lists.  

My bucket list for February is to keep things simple, but focus on some specific areas I want to address and accomplish.

1. We are set to make some REALLY BIG health changes in the near future.  My husband, Eric, has decided to move forward with the choice to undergo gastric bypass surgery.  He'll be getting a gastric sleeve.  I'll be writing about the entire process soon.  In any case, along with the health changes come some things I need to prepare for including:
     a. No more soda.  Period.  Done. Gone.  Eric took the last Diet Coke to work today, and I won't be buying any more at all.  There.  I've said it.  It's out there.  No more bubbles.
     b. Research and plan for meal ideas.  While the boys and I can't follow quite the restricted diet that  Eric will be on, I certainly want to support him by eating far healthier meals.   
     c. Exercise.  Anything.  Do anything.  Walk or run on treadmill.  Put in Beachbody DVD's.  Skip,  hop, do yoga.  It doesn't matter what I do.  I just need to get back to DOING something.  

2. Clean out garage.  We have a big party planned for Hudson's 1st Communion in April, so we need to clean out the garage and yard.  There is a Community Trash pickup day in early March, so that is our deadline.

3. Embrace turning 40.

4. Complete 75% of the school yearbook so it is off my brain.

5. Continue to rise early to read and drink coffee, and run one load of laundry each day.

6. Take a day trip to the ocean.  I need to see the waves.

7. See eye doctor to get contacts back.

8. Make appointment for "girl" exam.  Get mammogram.  Look into genetic testing.

I think those are good things to work on for February.

Switching gears...

It's Catholic Schools Week!  It's the week we celebrate the blessing of being able to receive a Catholic education!
  Day 2 - Color Day and 8th Grade Teachers

We dressed as the colors of the rainbow yesterday.  Second and 8th grade were blue, and 5th grade was orange.

Kaitlinn bought me this super yummy popcorn from Trader Joe's.  I call it Pepper Popcorn and ate pretty much the whole bag.

The Talent Show is on Thursday night, and the teachers perform an act.  We are dancing fools this year.  We got together to practice after school yesterday.  It's gonna be awesome.  You haven't lived until you've seen a nun dance to Cotton Eyed Joe!

I may have been a bit more excited than most to perform.  Probably because my junior high partners and I were the ones who thought up our talent idea.  Other than my friend in yellow, the teachers all look a bit skeptical!

However, Kaitlinn is not lacking in enthusiasm.  She decided to pretend she was in a mosh pit.  Those kooky P.E. teachers.

After school I had to go to Color Me Mine to pick up my pottery pieces that the 8th graders painted a few weeks ago.  They turned out so pretty!  I thanked my little helpers with a Jamba Juice.

This one was being a little turkey and running through the parking lot.  He was pouting because I yelled at him.  He still let me take a picture, though.

An Orange Dream Machine Smoothie can help make even the most reluctant photo subject stand up and get in the frame!

Still pouting.  He wouldn't sit with us.

Dad met us at the shopping center and we had Five Guys for dinner.  Hudson kept kissing his cheeseburger.  He loves this place.

Wednesday is Wacky Day.  I am also busy helping the 8th graders write a skit roasting the teachers and themselves.  Oh the fun never ends!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

It's Pajama Day!

It's Catholic Schools Week!  It's the week we celebrate the blessing of being able to receive a Catholic education!
  Day 1 - Pajama Day and Reading Night

Oh Pajama Day!  How I loved you when I was a kid in school.

How I don't love you quite as much now that I am an adult!  

In theory, heading to school/work in your pajamas sounds wonderful, right?!  Roll out of bed, brush your teeth, and head out the door ready for the day. 

Yeah, um, it's not quite that glorious.  Don't get me's still a fun and really comfortable day.  But it is the most unproductive day.  All those business firm studies proving how you dress is a measure of how productive and active you are for the day are TRUE!

I felt like resting all day!

When I'm dressed in pajamas all day at school, I want to SLEEP all day at school.  Or at the very least curl up with a good book on the staff lounge couch!  I've got plenty of books on my wish list that could satisfy me today.

Like this one.  I only read it at school because I have other books I'm reading at home.

But back to pj's.  Not easy at school.

I have to wear proper undergarments, if you catch my drift!  And I have to do my hair and makeup.  Pajama Day for teachers is not ready made.

It's also cold.  Flannel pj's at home under blankets are perfectly warm.  Flannel pj's at recess duty...not so protective from the winds.  Just saying.

The best thing about pajama day?  The kids LOVE it.  They have so much fun.

The 8th graders wear sweats and t-shirts rather than actual pajamas.

Hudson started out the morning in the pajamas he fell asleep in, which are also the ones that match his brother.  At one point during the morning, he decided he did not want to wear his robe or matching pajamas and went to change into this ensemble.  Whatever.  Anything goes today.
He also chose to wear tennis shoes instead of slippers.  I have no idea why.  I'm in my slippers!

Since I am the "maker of the yearbook," I dropped my 8th graders off to read with their buddies and headed around to the different classes to take pictures.  I found Hudson reading with buddies!

Happy boy in pj's.

I found Evan outside playing P.E. in his pajamas.  I tried getting a picture and he ran.  Luckily, Miss Solinsky offered to make him pose for a photo.  First she had to catch Evan.

Got him!  Best photo ever!  See how much fun we have at our school?!

The 5th grade boys playing some strange volleyball/catch game in their pj's.

Whenever Miss Solinsky asks me for game ideas, I tell her to play Kick Catch.  It's a totally made up game from when I was in 5th grade!  She played it with the 2nd graders...and they completely LOVED it!  That's because I'm my own mind!  But not as cool as Miss Solinsky!
 She's pretty proud of her snowflake pants and stripey socks.

By accident, I learned how to take easier selfies with my phone.  Press the silver button on the side instead of the button on the screen.  Who knew?  Apparently, everyone but me!  Such a dork.

Spent the next several minutes taking photos of myself.  I'll spare you the freak show.

I found Hudson again.  He loves me.

I love him.

Side eye.

Sometimes, I can get him to pose with me.

He wouldn't kiss me!  Probably because I was doing this in front of all his friends!  I'm sure my kids are going to have a love/hate thing going on with the fact that I work where they go to school.

Apparently, I can't stop the selfies.  Look, there is sun on my forehead and cheek!  We've seen sun three days in a row!

Miss Garcia taking a picture of Mrs. Forcey taking a picture of Miss Garcia taking...
 Cool art project with this buddy class.

The super young, cool, hip, in-the-know aides in Jr. Kindergarten thought I was funny.  They were laughing at me taking my selfies because I was still in awe of my new discovery at using the side button to snap the shot.
 Just wait until you are almost 40 girls.  Just wait!

My birthday twin!  It's our birthday in just a few weeks.

I call her "BT" for Birthday Twin.

We had to throw back our heads for a better shot.  Or that was just me.

The kids don't even question my weirdness anymore.

Oh 8th grade.  You are ever entertaining!

Tomorrow is Color Day.  It won't be quite as flashy as Pajama Day, but it's still going to be fun.  In any case, it means jeans for me!

All Kinds of Things

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