Sunday, January 11, 2015

Daily 4C - Week 2

It's been a busy back-to-school, back-to-soccer, back-to-routine kind of week.

Day 4 - Huddy and I keeping warm while sitting at Evan's soccer practice.  Hudson's team needs to get back to practicing because this kid is bored and needs to release some energy!

Day 5 - Back to school and work after Christmas Vacation.  It was a long and busy day.  It was nice to be home this evening with the family and little dogs sitting by a cozy fire.

Day 6 - The day was moving along just fine until my allergies kicked up at about 3 p.m.  I think the attack was triggered by too much Cinnamon Scentsy.  If one wax cube is good then four are better, right?! Probably not.  Still in an allergy haze, I took Evan to soccer practice.  Gearing up for State Cup.  I couldn't take Benadryl until after I got home.  Benadryl and driving do not mix.

Day 7 - Working in my office with Kaitlinn in the background making me laugh.  Work is fun with a great team!

Day 8 - Cougar Wear Day!  Thursday is our version of casual Friday where teachers can wear jeans and tennis shoes and the kids wear sweats and t-shirts instead of their regular uniforms.  Thursdays are some of my favorite days!

Day 9 - Sweaters and ties for Friday Mass.  Thank goodness we didn't lose the ties over vacation.  Because that totally could have happened.  Because the house is a disaster.  Because I don't have the energy to clean it up.  I think one thing that MUST happen this weekend (besides major cleaning) are haircuts for the two shaggy boys.  

Day 10 - Evan's Pumas team won their State Cup seeding game 4-0 against Chivas from Porterville.  There is a long road ahead of State Cup games, but the boys played a fantastic game today and ended with their famous cheer.  Kachuka chuka rah rah!  (I'm sure I butchered the spelling of that, but it's how it sounds phonetically!)

See you all next week for more Daily 4C!

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