Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Happy Armenian New Year

My friend and coworker, Nara, invited a group of us girls over to her home last Friday for an authentic Armenian New Year.  This is the second year that I have joined Nara for such an amazing feast.

There is a large Armenian community in the Fresno area.  Nara grew up in Armenia and speaks several languages, but she moved here when she got married to her husband.

 This was a mere sampling of the food she prepared for us.  According to Nara, it is a tradition in Armenia to prepare tons of delicious foods and have friends and family visit for days! Nara started cooking on Dec. 30th!

 I arrived at the party with a leopard scarf, but my friend Stacey had a late Christmas present for me.  I love this new red scarf!  It went with my outfit, so I put it on immediately.

 Stacey is on the left.  She is the administrative assistant at school.  She and I have been friends for years.  She just got engaged this past Christmas Eve!  So exciting!  Cortney is on the right.  She is an aide at school and lives about 42 seconds away from me.  We used to go running together early in the morning.  Then I quit.  I got tired!

 Virginia, Martha, Nara and Stacey.  We all work together and these great friendships make the days fly by!

 I admit that I am one of the pickiest eaters around, but I sampled and liked many of the dishes.  The green thing in the middle of the plate is called dolma.  It is a grape leaf wrapped around a meat and rice filling.  Very tasty.  I also liked the meats and cheeses.  Nara also served Armenian cognac, but I could only dip my tongue in because it was so strong!

Thank you, Nara, for a wonderful lunch with great food and great friends!

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