Saturday, January 10, 2015

Silly Saturday - Jan.10

These are the silly, weird, funny, or downright odd moments we had this week.  I apologize ahead of time if they don't come across as that funny!  It's sort of like "you had to be there," or when your 10-year-old tells you a joke that he finds hysterical and you just stare at him.

1. Hudson came running out to the kitchen last week, grabbed a paper towel and started rubbing it on his leg under his pants.  When Eric asked him what he was doing, he said, "I went to the bathroom and peed and I don't know how it happened, but pee started running down my leg."  Ha!  Parenting is never boring.

2. I asked Hudson if he was going to let me take pictures of him.  He said, "You have millions of pictures.  What don't you understand?"  Ha!  I understand that I need more pictures!

3. Hudson decided to hang out with me on the couch one night this week.  Luckily for me, but unluckily for Harry (the resident weenie dog), Hudson decided to hold, pet, play with and torment the poor dog.  At one point he asked Harry in a very serious voice, "Are you going to love it or list it?"  One too many episodes of Love It or List It on tv!

Doesn't Harry look thrilled to be receiving so much special attention?!

4. Can you hear me now?

We were sitting at Evan's soccer practice last weekend when Eric told Hudson he didn't need to smoosh his ears into the headphone ear holes.  I lifted the pad from his ear, and sure enough, he had tucked his ears INSIDE the headphone pocket.  Cracked me up!  We assured him he'd be able to hear without his ears curled up inside and the headphones could simply rest on his head.

4. Conversation between Hudson and me:

Me: I saw you walking at P.E. today with your arms around your friends.  It was so cute!
H: Yeah, I started a club with my friends called the Friendly Funny Club.
Me: That's really cool!  What do you do?
H: Well, we are friendly and we are working on the funny part!
(Made me giggle!)

5. Photos I liked from this week.

Hudson and I met up with Eric and Evan after soccer practice on Thursday to get dinner.  It was pretty late leaving the house and when we got to the restaurant, I found Hudson rather relaxed!  And yes, the car is really that dirty.

After dropping Evan off at soccer practice on Tuesday, Hudson and I had a date at Panda.  This is mid-allergy attack.  I wasn't feeling too great.

6. Evan informed me today that he no longer likes a girl from his class that he has liked for a long time.  I actually liked hearing this for a few reasons.  He doesn't always confide in me and saves stuff like that for Eric, so I appreciated his talk.  Also, he's in 5th grade.  Plenty of time to like girls in the future.

I realize that most of the moments of the week are about Hudson.  That could be because Hudson talks constantly and provides me with more fodder.  Evan also had basketball and soccer practice all week, which put me in contact with Hudson more than him.  I'm going to pay extra special attention to Evan this next week to be able to record special moments representing him.

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