Monday, January 19, 2015

Weekend Wrap Up - MLK Jr. Holiday

The weekend didn't start quite as soon as I had planned due to an after school parent meeting on Friday.   No worries!  By 4:39 I was lugging my papers and books to the car to head for a long weekend.

Eric had the day off, so he took care of getting a roast cooking in the crock pot.  I didn't take a picture, but oh how I love the smell of dinner when you walk in the door after a long day!  Roast, mashed potatoes, and Caesar salad.  Pretty tasty dinner.

We ate early and had the dishes cleaned up all before 7 p.m.  That is highly unusual for us, so I suggested to Eric that we go to Costco to load the gas cards.

It's a date.  In Costco.  Shopping without the kids is the best!  I had to fight with the man to get this picture.  Every time I'd line us up in the camera, he'd wander out of the shot.  Stinker!

But he can't wander out of the photo if he doesn't know I'm taking one from behind!

We want this stove.

We definitely needed to stock up on a few things.  How is it that you run out of stuff all at the same time?

Berry sundae for mom!  I waited in the car while Eric unloaded the cart.  Just another little thing that makes me love him so.  I never have to unload the cart if he's shopping with me.

We saw these dragon squeaky dog toys at Costco and figured it would be good entertainment for the four-legged residents.  Apparently, Harry was scared of it at first.  He ran away.

Then he got brave.  He likes the squeakiness of it!

Get your dragon, Harry!  Get him!

Caught my dragon.  Caught my dragon.

Where'd my dragon go?  Is he over there?

Found him!

The thing is almost as big as he is.

Playing tug-o-war with Dad.

We had a basketball tournament in Tulare to go to on Saturday.  We didn't have to leave too early, so Hudson had time for a hot chocolate and a muffin in his little Hugh Heffner robe and slippers!

Coffee and a Diet Coke to go.

Heh heh.  Caught the boys and they didn't even know it!

I'm sporting my basketball earrings.

Foggy day in the valley as we drove down 99.

Coach Ruby is about as tall as the boys!  They played two great games, but unfortunately lost both.  They got fourth out of four.  It was still fun to see the kids play.  Plus, I got to see my junior high kids play because Varsity was at the tournament as well.

Huddy watching Evan play.  He kept asking to go home.

Hudson refusing to take a selfie with me.

I have no idea if that shot went in or who put it up.  We'll just say Evan shot it and made it!  Ha!

He earned All Tournament Player for his team.  Super proud.

Funny story about these socks.  Evan is always #15.  He's been 15 in soccer since he started playing, and he was 15 in basketball last year.  Soooo, we bought him personalized #15 socks for Christmas.  Shortly after we ordered the socks, Evan came home with jersey #10!  We couldn't exactly tell him why we needed him to change back to 15, so we kept trying to entice him with tradition and always being his old number.  He told us he wanted to "try something new!"

Fast forward a few weeks.  Evan got his socks for Christmas.  We talked to Coach Washington and he was able to switch out the jerseys.  His socks now match his shirt.  Kids!

After the tournament, we had to drive to Hanford to pick up some paperwork that Eric forgot in his office.  While there, we went next door to Superior Dairy for ice cream and shakes.  Hudson and I were squished onto one side of a tiny little booth.

Okay, so I was squished, while he was happily stretched out onto the window sill!

These two goofballs were on the other side of the booth.  I tried to explain to Evan why I wish to take pictures.  I want to look back someday and remember the life we lived.  He didn't like that reason.  Oh well.

This is a one scoop sundae!  Insane!  And so good.

Hudson's one scoop of chocolate.  Yes, this place is known for their giant scoops.

These two opted for milkshakes.

We got home and had about an hour before church.  Evan was altar serving.  It was actually neat because the ushers asked our family to carry up the gifts, and it turned out to be Evan who walked the cross to the back of the church to lead us to the front with the gifts to give to the priest.

I am very proud of how quickly Evan has adapted to altar serving.  He is quickly becoming a leader on his team.  Tonight only he and one other girl showed up, but he was confident in being able to handle the duties required by the priest.  He also stepped in and served at a funeral last week as well.  On the way home he told us, "I could have handled serving all by myself!"  Quite the change from the little guy who was soooooo nervous about serving just a few months ago!

Going to church on Saturday nights mean guilt free lazy Sunday mornings.  Little boy and little dog enjoy the warm fire.

After grocery shopping and making a pasta salad, we went over to the soccer coach's house to watch the soccer game that was taped from last week.

The kids love their electronics.  

It was fun being together as a team, eating lunch, watching soccer, talking, and watching football.

Hudson needed new soccer shoes, so we went to Pro Soccer to get him some.  Oh the choices!

New shoes.  Happy boy.

Did a little more shopping for some new jeans for me and a pineapple.  I wanted some fruit!  Yay for three day weekends!

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