Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Mom and Dad's Day Out and My Feelings on American Sniper

Both Eric and I had Monday off for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.  I managed to sleep in until 7!  We enjoyed a leisurely morning of coffee and computer surfing.

The kids spent a little time outside before we left.  Captain America likes to ride on his scooter.

Now you can see his face!

Go, Huddy, go!

Big one has skills.  All that white junk in the road is the leftover flocking from the Christmas tree!

They both got basketballs for Christmas.  I like it when they play outside.  And man alive my face looks pasty white!  Geez!  I think I need some sun.  Or darker makeup!

He looks like he's crying, but he wasn't.  That's just intense focus!

I got new jeans.  Eric was trying to be inappropriate in this photo.  That's why I'm laughing so hard.

I love this man.

Hudson took one more unsuspecting photo!

Eric and I went to a furniture store to look for recliners.  We are thinking about changing the office right off of our bedroom into more of a sitting room.  We wanted to see how much chairs would cost.  The recliners we were sitting in were really comfortable!  We aren't ready to buy, but just wanted to have an idea of what to get when we are ready.

Then we went to a new restaurant near Fresno State called the Bulldog Burger Bistro.  It was really good!  You can order your burger "Doggy Style" which means the patty has bacon mixed in with the ground beef!  Yum!  We both got the blue cheese burgers doggy styled.


Then we went to see the movie American Sniper.  It was so good.  But it was more than that.  It was unsettling, it was riveting, it was captivating, it was patriotic, and it was human.  I was riveted by this movie and was tense the entire time.  When we got out of the theater, I wasn't sure what to say to Eric.  We were both kind of quiet and stunned.

After the movie was over, a few people in the audience clapped, but then the whole crowd fell silent, and it remained that way as people left the theater.  There was no music to accompany the rolling credits, which had a huge impact on the ending feel of the movie.  All the people were somber and serious.

People have a right not to like this movie.  Freedom of opinions and ideas is what this country is all about.  However, I get really furious at the insensitive tweets and comments that are being made by people saying that snipers are cowards or that this movie is just political propaganda.  Those people have no respect for what our military does day in and day out to protect the freedoms we all enjoy.

I am grateful that there are people who are willing to put their life on the line day in and day out.  I am not one of those people.  I did not sign up to protect our country.  I am thankful there are those who took on that role for me.

I'm now in the process of reading the book.  I normally like to read a book before seeing the movie, but I am enjoying the writing style of the book even after seeing the movie first.

Amazon link HERE.

Anyhow, just my two cents worth.  Fantastic movie.  Made me think.  Made me appreciate our service men and women even more.  It was good to get home to our kiddos and watch them play outside some more.  It was good to drink a glass of wine to settle down from such an intense depiction of war.  It was a good afternoon to be an American.

*One more thing about this is NOT for children.  I say this because there were several children in the theater.  Yikes!  The opening sentence of the movie was filled with the F word.  Not to mention the killing and violence.  It's expected because it is a movie about war, but my children were NOT in attendance!  

**One more thing.  I would not take my children to an R rated movie, but others criticize me for feeding my kids sugar and bleached flour.  So once again, we are all entitled to our opinions, of which are protected by brave soldiers.

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