Friday, January 23, 2015

Friday Favorites - My Favorite Ways to Relax

It's Friday!  And that means linking up with Andrea, Narci, and Erika.

I was trying to consider what "favorites" to write about today, and thought I'd piggy back off of a blog link up I did yesterday with Kenlie at All The Weigh.

One of the questions asked in the link up was your favorite things to do or how you relax.  I thought I'd feature my favorite relaxing things to do.

1. Watch television.  My current favorites are the following:

Scandal.  I love the intrigue of an inside look into the White House.  I certainly don't want our real government to be like this, but the fantasy is fun.  And Olivia Pope is amazing!

Downton Abbey.  Violet Crawley has the BEST lines ever!  I'm constantly snorting out loud.

The Mindy Project.  Mindy Kaling is my hero!  She's wildly inappropriate and politically incorrect.  Makes me laugh every Tuesday...or whenever I get around to watching it on DVR!

The Middle.  Oh Sue Sue.  You are so happy and clueless!

My newest obsession on Netflix.  I want to live in Stars Hollow.

2. Puzzles or Games

Get New Puzzle:
I like playing Sudoku online.  My favorite site is Sudoku Kingdom.  It lets me time myself or advance to tougher levels.  I can waste lots of time playing this game.  I also like logic problems that I can print out and work on with a pencil.  I do a lot of these with my academic decathlon team. I'm a huge dork for relaxing with logic puzzles!

3. Reading 

My current reads:

It's good.  I'm liking it.



Reading this at school because it belongs to a student!

I don't normally like reading more than one book at a time, much less FOUR, but it just worked out that way this time.  My rule of thumb, in general, is to switch between pleasure reading and self enrichment reading.  All four of these fall into the pleasure category.

4. Bubble Bath

I really, really, really like to take a bubble bath.  It's definitely more of a winter thing than a summer thing, but it is so relaxing and warm.  I like B & B products, but I've been known to resort to kid products from Wal Mart if I can't get to the mall.  Nothing wrong with smelling like a watermelon!  I also like Avon bubble bath.

Oh this smells so good!

5. Sleep

Sometimes the only way to let go and relax is to just fall asleep.  Soft sheets and a fuzzy blanket help.

The blanket on my bed looks something like this.

We have a busy weekend of soccer ahead.  Plus, it is the start to Catholic Schools Week, so there will be some great pictures to share next week!

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