Saturday, January 17, 2015

Silly Saturday - Color Me Mine

I wanted to dedicate Saturday blog posts to the funny and endearing things my kids say and do.  However, they weren't that funny this week!  It was a "take care of business" kind of week: homework, soccer, basketball, school board meeting, laundry, etc.  There weren't a whole lot of 'moments' that qualified as silly.  Eh, it happens.

Instead, I'll recap my class's field trip to Color Me Mine, pizza, and a movie.  Each year I take my 8th grade class on this field trip to River Park in Fresno to paint pottery pieces that are then auctioned off at the annual school dinner dance.  It's a lot of fun, and we don't have a care in the world all day!

 Boys will boys.  Although I had to shoo them off the stuff later when the property manager said they could break the stuff.  Oops.  I should have caught that one!

Funny kid.

We got to the studio just before 9 a.m. and our session was scheduled from 9-11.  Only, the shop was locked and lights were off.  Hmmmm.  I started to wonder if I had the wrong day or time...which would have been awful given the fact that I had 23 8th grade kids milling around in the cold.

 When in doubt, stand in circles and talk.

Drink coffee.

Try to keep your hands warm.  A huge thanks to Coach Washington for chaperoning the trip with me!

And take lots of pictures with our cell phones!

Some of the crazies decided they needed a Jamba Juice, because apparently they weren't cold enough in the misty, foggy day.

The boys headed to Subway.  I think they were the smart ones!

The girls continued to pose for pictures.

And their old, goofy teacher decided to join in the selfie action!

I went into the Property Management office to see if they had a contact number for the studio.  The nice lady in there helped track down the owner who spoke to me on the phone.  She was very sorry, but indicated that the manager thought since my date was 'tentative' and they hadn't heard from me, they figured the trip was off!

Um...NOOOOO!  I very politely, but emphatically explained that in no way was this trip date EVER tentative.  In fact, I had received a confirmation call on Saturday and went to the shop on Monday to pick out my pieces to paint.  I think that is pretty 'definite!'

The manger showed up at 9:30 extremely apologetic and sweet and nice.  It was hard to be mad.  She accepted full responsibility for the mix up and even gave us a $50 gift card to be auctioned off at the dinner.  She more than made up for the mess, the kids survived just fine, and we were inside and painting away happily.

The kids getting instructions on how to paint their pottery pieces.

 I had to get a picture of Ashley's pretty pink paintbrush.  Best brush ever!

I have MANY talented kids, but I chose these two specifically to work on the showpiece platter for the auction.  I'll take pictures of the finished pieces after I get them back next week.

These boys...

...and these boys teamed up with this girl to make the cutest watermelon themed salad and small bowl set.

A few vases were painted.

Some Valentine themed plates.

Some kids used a bubble technique to make the coolest pattern.  I want the set of mugs these girls made!

There were plates.

And heart shaped bowls.

The girls decided to make the large platter an underwater scene.

I want!  Saving my money for the dinner auction.

I was so impressed with the quality of painting that the kids displayed.  The pieces always turn out beautiful once they are glazed and fired, but this year's batch of pottery was gorgeous before firing!  I'm so excited to see how they turn out.

After painting for a few hours, we headed next door to Coney Island Me N Ed's Pizza.  We chowed down on pizza and soda.

It was nice because being a random Thursday morning/early afternoon meant there wasn't much of a crowd.  We had the whole back room to ourselves, and the kids had fun playing in the arcade.

 It was Ellie's birthday, so her mom met us at the pizza place with a cake.  Oh to be 14!  I don't want to go back, but 14 did have some fun moments!

Make a wish!

Plates abandoned.  Game time!

Some kids are obviously better at games than others!

So many candy choices!

It's hard to see, but Misha has light up fake teeth in his mouth!

These girls don't need much to be happy.  A little space and each other, and they are good to go!

After lunch and arcade games, the kids obliged me with a group picture before heading across the walk way to see Into the Woods.

Another selfie.  This time with boys while buying popcorn and sodas.  As if pizza, soda and birthday cake weren't enough food for the day!

Heh!  I have no idea what Zach is holding.

I enjoyed the movie, but I thought it was too long.  I started to get tired at about 2:30, and we had 45 more minutes to go!  #old  Hey, it is exhausting watching after 23 kids in the big city!  

I have to say, the kids did a fantastic job on the field trip.  They didn't give me any cause for concern, they followed directions, and they were very well behaved.  It goes a long way towards building trust for the next trip.  Another Color Me Mine trip in the books.

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