Thursday, January 8, 2015

The Big 70th Birthday Party

Happy birthday to my mom who turned 70 on Jan. 1!

My mom is a New Year's baby.  She usually has to share her day with football and hangovers!  Since it was a milestone birthday, my sister and I decided to throw her a party ON HER DAY!  We got to Chowchilla early to set up the hall.  I had the boys work on making cards for Grandma.

Eric gets the slideshow ready that was made by my nephew, Hunter standing there in the middle of the room.

This is the hall where I grew up going to the Lutheran Church each week.

Do you want to build a snowman?  Sounds like a a good theme to me!  Plus, all we had to do was gather just a fraction of the MANY snowmen my mom has at her house.

Mom has arrived and we are waiting for our guests to help us party down!

Grandson #3 is ready to party.

Welcoming friends we haven't seen in a while.

Grandson #1 plays his guitar for everyone.

Lifelong friends catching up with each other.

Grandson #2.

Hudson stays out of the way with his tablet!

I am nothing if not efficient.  We had a schedule to follow.  Time to play a game called "Who Knows Sharon the Best?!"

These ladies were doing their best to figure out those 20 questions!  I think the funniest one was, "What was Don's nickname for Sharon?"  I created that question thinking the answer was "Sherry."  Um, no.  Instead it was "Punky Monkey!"

We played a second game as well.  As guests arrived, I had them fill out a note card with one memory of my mom on the front and their name on the back.  I read each memory out loud and my mom had to guess who wrote it.  If she guessed wrong, the person received a prize!  The only unknown to this game is not knowing how many prizes to have on hand.  Luckily, I had just the right amount.  Mom was able to figure out all but four memories!

Time for cake!  We didn't want to burn the place down with 70 candles, so the numbers and a special singing candle were perfect!

As it was, the singing candle flame burned quite high!

Make a wish!

Wearing her princess crown!

It kept sliding off of her head!

Pretty lady!

I'm very focused on cutting the cake.  Domestic tasks such as this are usually a dismal failure.

Good grandsons passing out cake.

Hudson enjoys chocolate birthday cake.

And he loves his Grandma.

When bored, use Grandma's walker to go for rides!

My crew at the party.  Hudson needs to smile.

My crew - take 2 with a smile.

This was our third attempt at a group selfie.  First family photo of the year.

Mommy loves Hudson.

The pastor of the church had some very nice things to say about my mom.  We think she's pretty special, too!

The party was so much fun!

It was a lot of fun spending the day celebrating my mom!

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