Tuesday, January 27, 2015

It's Pajama Day!

It's Catholic Schools Week!  It's the week we celebrate the blessing of being able to receive a Catholic education!
  Day 1 - Pajama Day and Reading Night

Oh Pajama Day!  How I loved you when I was a kid in school.

How I don't love you quite as much now that I am an adult!  

In theory, heading to school/work in your pajamas sounds wonderful, right?!  Roll out of bed, brush your teeth, and head out the door ready for the day. 

Yeah, um, it's not quite that glorious.  Don't get me wrong...it's still a fun and really comfortable day.  But it is the most unproductive day.  All those business firm studies proving how you dress is a measure of how productive and active you are for the day are TRUE!

I felt like resting all day!

When I'm dressed in pajamas all day at school, I want to SLEEP all day at school.  Or at the very least curl up with a good book on the staff lounge couch!  I've got plenty of books on my wish list that could satisfy me today.

Like this one.  I only read it at school because I have other books I'm reading at home.

But back to pj's.  Not easy at school.

I have to wear proper undergarments, if you catch my drift!  And I have to do my hair and makeup.  Pajama Day for teachers is not ready made.

It's also cold.  Flannel pj's at home under blankets are perfectly warm.  Flannel pj's at recess duty...not so protective from the winds.  Just saying.

The best thing about pajama day?  The kids LOVE it.  They have so much fun.

The 8th graders wear sweats and t-shirts rather than actual pajamas.

Hudson started out the morning in the pajamas he fell asleep in, which are also the ones that match his brother.  At one point during the morning, he decided he did not want to wear his robe or matching pajamas and went to change into this ensemble.  Whatever.  Anything goes today.
He also chose to wear tennis shoes instead of slippers.  I have no idea why.  I'm in my slippers!

Since I am the "maker of the yearbook," I dropped my 8th graders off to read with their buddies and headed around to the different classes to take pictures.  I found Hudson reading with buddies!

Happy boy in pj's.

I found Evan outside playing P.E. in his pajamas.  I tried getting a picture and he ran.  Luckily, Miss Solinsky offered to make him pose for a photo.  First she had to catch Evan.

Got him!  Best photo ever!  See how much fun we have at our school?!

The 5th grade boys playing some strange volleyball/catch game in their pj's.

Whenever Miss Solinsky asks me for game ideas, I tell her to play Kick Catch.  It's a totally made up game from when I was in 5th grade!  She played it with the 2nd graders...and they completely LOVED it!  That's because I'm cool...in my own mind!  But not as cool as Miss Solinsky!
 She's pretty proud of her snowflake pants and stripey socks.

By accident, I learned how to take easier selfies with my phone.  Press the silver button on the side instead of the button on the screen.  Who knew?  Apparently, everyone but me!  Such a dork.

Spent the next several minutes taking photos of myself.  I'll spare you the freak show.

I found Hudson again.  He loves me.

I love him.

Side eye.

Sometimes, I can get him to pose with me.

He wouldn't kiss me!  Probably because I was doing this in front of all his friends!  I'm sure my kids are going to have a love/hate thing going on with the fact that I work where they go to school.

Apparently, I can't stop the selfies.  Look, there is sun on my forehead and cheek!  We've seen sun three days in a row!

Miss Garcia taking a picture of Mrs. Forcey taking a picture of Miss Garcia taking...
 Cool art project with this buddy class.

The super young, cool, hip, in-the-know aides in Jr. Kindergarten thought I was funny.  They were laughing at me taking my selfies because I was still in awe of my new discovery at using the side button to snap the shot.
 Just wait until you are almost 40 girls.  Just wait!

My birthday twin!  It's our birthday in just a few weeks.

I call her "BT" for Birthday Twin.

We had to throw back our heads for a better shot.  Or that was just me.

The kids don't even question my weirdness anymore.

Oh 8th grade.  You are ever entertaining!

Tomorrow is Color Day.  It won't be quite as flashy as Pajama Day, but it's still going to be fun.  In any case, it means jeans for me!

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  1. It looks like you're having a blast! We do PJ day once a year at my school, too. It's fun--and much easier to manage than dress like a student day!

    1. Ha! I completely agree...I'm not fitting into those plaid skirts like I used to! Pajama Day and Wacky Day are the easiest to pull off!

  2. Love your glasses! They are so cute! Looks like you had a fun time! Thanks for linking up with Tuesday Talk