Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Color Day at School and Bucket List for February

Linking up with Erika and Emily to share monthly bucket lists.  

My bucket list for February is to keep things simple, but focus on some specific areas I want to address and accomplish.

1. We are set to make some REALLY BIG health changes in the near future.  My husband, Eric, has decided to move forward with the choice to undergo gastric bypass surgery.  He'll be getting a gastric sleeve.  I'll be writing about the entire process soon.  In any case, along with the health changes come some things I need to prepare for including:
     a. No more soda.  Period.  Done. Gone.  Eric took the last Diet Coke to work today, and I won't be buying any more at all.  There.  I've said it.  It's out there.  No more bubbles.
     b. Research and plan for meal ideas.  While the boys and I can't follow quite the restricted diet that  Eric will be on, I certainly want to support him by eating far healthier meals.   
     c. Exercise.  Anything.  Do anything.  Walk or run on treadmill.  Put in Beachbody DVD's.  Skip,  hop, do yoga.  It doesn't matter what I do.  I just need to get back to DOING something.  

2. Clean out garage.  We have a big party planned for Hudson's 1st Communion in April, so we need to clean out the garage and yard.  There is a Community Trash pickup day in early March, so that is our deadline.

3. Embrace turning 40.

4. Complete 75% of the school yearbook so it is off my brain.

5. Continue to rise early to read and drink coffee, and run one load of laundry each day.

6. Take a day trip to the ocean.  I need to see the waves.

7. See eye doctor to get contacts back.

8. Make appointment for "girl" exam.  Get mammogram.  Look into genetic testing.

I think those are good things to work on for February.

Switching gears...

It's Catholic Schools Week!  It's the week we celebrate the blessing of being able to receive a Catholic education!
  Day 2 - Color Day and 8th Grade Teachers

We dressed as the colors of the rainbow yesterday.  Second and 8th grade were blue, and 5th grade was orange.

Kaitlinn bought me this super yummy popcorn from Trader Joe's.  I call it Pepper Popcorn and ate pretty much the whole bag.

The Talent Show is on Thursday night, and the teachers perform an act.  We are dancing fools this year.  We got together to practice after school yesterday.  It's gonna be awesome.  You haven't lived until you've seen a nun dance to Cotton Eyed Joe!

I may have been a bit more excited than most to perform.  Probably because my junior high partners and I were the ones who thought up our talent idea.  Other than my friend in yellow, the teachers all look a bit skeptical!

However, Kaitlinn is not lacking in enthusiasm.  She decided to pretend she was in a mosh pit.  Those kooky P.E. teachers.

After school I had to go to Color Me Mine to pick up my pottery pieces that the 8th graders painted a few weeks ago.  They turned out so pretty!  I thanked my little helpers with a Jamba Juice.

This one was being a little turkey and running through the parking lot.  He was pouting because I yelled at him.  He still let me take a picture, though.

An Orange Dream Machine Smoothie can help make even the most reluctant photo subject stand up and get in the frame!

Still pouting.  He wouldn't sit with us.

Dad met us at the shopping center and we had Five Guys for dinner.  Hudson kept kissing his cheeseburger.  He loves this place.

Wednesday is Wacky Day.  I am also busy helping the 8th graders write a skit roasting the teachers and themselves.  Oh the fun never ends!


  1. Several people I work with have had that surgery and they are doing great. Super that he has you there to support him. Embracing 40 was not tough for me.....I am 45 now and I feel the most content I ever have felt since turning 40.

    1. Thank you for your kind comment! I would be lying if I said I wasn't worried about being able to support my husband in the way that he needs. It'll be a learning experience for all of us! I'm also working on the confident and 40 thing!