Saturday, January 3, 2015

Silly Saturday

I'd like to keep a running list of sayings, funnies, events, and basically moments of the week that I share each Saturday.  Some of them may not make much sense or be that funny to others, but since this blog is essentially my online journal of our life, I want to make sure to write these things down.

Gems from the past that I never want to forget include the time that Hudson ran into the family room with a toy gun and proclaimed in his strange little southern accent, "Put yours hands up!"  We still say that to this day.

Or the times when Evan would see a Sheriff car and call it a "sheffer."  Too cute.

Now that the boys are older, I'm not sure how often they say cute things, but I'm going to try to be more cognizant of what they are saying and keep a record of it for old age.

One problem I am having recently is their reluctance to take pictures like this little shot.  I'll do my best, but I hate to have to yell to get a "candid" moment!  Kind of defies the purpose.


-Evan was pouring Hudson the last little bit of eggnog.  I'm assuming in an effort to put more liquid in the glass, Evan asked Hudson if he wanted milk mixed in with the eggnog.  Hudson gave him a look that was priceless.  I couldn't get him to replicate it even if I tried, but it had us laughing days later.  It was a look that said, "NO WAY" and "Are you crazy?" all in one!

See?  Major reluctance to take photos.  Darn it, kids.  Mom needs photos!

 Huh, strange.  He's actually looking at the camera and not trying to duck.

 I'm having to get sneaky with my shots.

Early morning funny faces.

Okay, so my first "Silly Saturday" post isn't all that silly.  I'll be trying hard this week to pay attention to the little things that make me laugh and give me joy.

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