Monday, January 12, 2015

Weekend Wrap Up - We Made It Through the First Week After Christmas Vacation

Ahhhh!  We made it to the weekend after one full week back from Christmas Vacation.  It was a semi busy weekend.  We only had one basketball game and one soccer game!  That is a light schedule for us!

Walking out of school on Friday afternoon provided us with some interesting entertainment.  The house right across the street was having a palm tree cut down.  It was really fun to watch the man shimmy up the tree and then proceed to cut off the palms and then chop away at the whole tree.

We literally stood on the sidewalk watching like it was a show!

Up he goes!  The man waved at me as he was climbing.  He had special spikes on his shoes that dug into the tree trunk and a rope slung around his waist.  Not enough equipment for me to climb a tree like that!  The whole thing started swaying side to side.  No way would I be up there!

Almost to the top.  I wasn't sure if he was just trimming dead palm fronds or if there was more to the job.

It's hard to see the guy, but he's right up in the palms.

Both boys were pretty was I!

Even the big one liked watching!

I forgot to mention that the guy had a chainsaw attached to his waist, and he started hacking away at the palms.  They just floated or crashed to the ground.  Hudson completely cracked up at this part for some reason.  You can see a palm in mid drop in the above picture.

It's starting to get pretty skinny up at the top.

Hmmmm.  All the palms are gone, now what is he going to do?  Well, it turns out that he cut away that big stumpy looking thing at the top of the tree.  Then he scooted down a few feet and cut part of the trunk.  The thud of the two-foot sections landing in the yard was pretty crazy.  

Then the guy's chainsaw stopped working.  Another guy had to tie a tool to a rope that was lifted up to try to fix the saw.  We took off at this point.  I expect that the tree will be gone when I arrive at school on Monday morning.  All in all, pretty fun to watch.

Then we headed to the grocery store to pick up a few things for dinner.  The kids found this cart and asked if they could ride.  I don't know what in the holy heck got into me, but I said yes.  It did make me laugh trying to push this ridiculous cart around Wal Mart.

This is all I could see trying to push them through the store.  I'm guessing these carts were not meant for a 7- and 10-year-old!  Hey, for a few moments, I was "fun mom" in the eyes of my kids.  


Evan refused to make any face other than this one.

The way Hudson is looking at Evan cracks me up!

I tried a new recipe for dinner, but unfortunately, the troop didn't care for it.  We are going to try it one more time using a different marinara sauce.  I don't care if I try something new for dinner and it doesn't go over well, but this meal gets one last chance!

Saturday started with cinnamon rolls, hot chocolate for the boys and coffee for me.  Then we got dressed and headed to San Joaquin Memorial for basketball games.  I caught the last few minutes of my varsity girls playing.  They are A-MAY-ZING and beat St. Anthony's by 20 points or so!  Then I headed over to the other gym (read little and cold gym) to watch Evan play.

The life of the little brother.  Always having to watch big brother play some sport or another.

He has his whoopie cushion and his tablet.  I can't say he was too bored.

Evan in action.  It's really hard to get decent basketball shots with a cell phone.  The boys lost 4-18, but they played hard.

As soon as basketball was over, we drove over to West Fresno to get ready for the first game in this round of State Cup seeding.  Eric and the boys walking out to the field.

Evan told me to stop taking pictures.  Can't.  Won't.

Little One assumes his position on the ground with headphones and a tablet.

Eric is the best team manager around.

Feeling sassy this morning.  I was in a pretty good mood.

Hudson switches positions.  It's a rough life when there is a glare on your tablet!  Later on he ran to play with the other littles.

There's my #15.  He had a great game.  At one point he got cleated, which means another player stepped on his foot with their cleat.  Ouch.  He went down hard.  One thing I find cool about my kids is that they aren't afraid to engage with others.  Evan had been talking to one of the refs throughout the game, and when he got hurt, that ref ran over and started shaking out Evan's legs even before the coach could get to him!

I also realized something funny about myself today.  Evan was on his back on the grass hurt, and I wasn't overly worried.  In the past when he would get hurt, I'd be ready to run onto the field to save my baby.  Now, I just sit there and wait for him to get up.  If it was serious, we'd run around the field to get to him, but I don't panic like I used to!  I guess I'm a seasoned soccer mom!

Hudson came back to rest on Dad.

The boys won 4-0.  It was a great game and we are now in the number one spot in our bracket.  When the kids win, they get to do their special Pumas cheer.  It's fun to watch! Evan is the little blondie on the far right.

After soccer, we went to Togo's for lunch.  And we splurged on ice cream.  It's been forever since I've had a Chocolate Peanut Butter scoop from Baskin Robbins.

Then we had to go buy Eric a new pillow because Harry peed on his old pillow.  Long story, but let's just say Harry is lucky he still lives here.  The rest of Saturday was spent on the couch.  It was a good place to be.

I told Eric to wake me up early to go grocery shopping on Sunday morning.  He did.  I wasn't thrilled to be out of the house at 7 a.m, but if I put off shopping, it becomes harder to force myself out the door to do it later in the day.  Groceries bought, meals planned, dishes washed, and time to watch the Cowboys vs. Packers.

The Cowboys got robbed. There was a horrible call at the end of the game that turned the tide for the Packers.  Evan was busy on his iPod Touch.  Eric was busy loading the dishwasher.  Evan had to put away two loads of dishes today.  That didn't exactly thrill him.

Both teams we were rooting for today lost.  I did like the Packer's beanies, however!

All of Christmas is packed away in the shed except for the Christmas trees which have to be stored in the rafters in the garage.  Both boys got a haircut and look much less shaggy.  I forgot to take a picture.  Laundry is done.  We all have plenty of clothes to wear for the week.  Meals are planned.  Groceries are bought.  Dishes are caught up and done.  I think it is safe to start the week!