Friday, December 30, 2016

Christmas Eve 2016

We had a wonderful Christmas Eve in Chowchilla with my family and ended the night at our church for Mass.  We snacked all day on yummy food, played games and opened presents.

I love the weenie dog slippers that my mom gave me!

So cute!

Evan and Hudson with Grandma before we left for church.

Last year we got to church at 4:30 and barely got a seat in the last row!  I didn't want that to happen this year so we got there early.  Like we had our pick of parking spots early!  We actually moved the truck three times looking for the best spot to make an easy exit.  Our church parking lot is not the easiest to navigate!

We had our choice of pews.  We sat in the fifth row with a nice view of the altar.

Since we got there so early, I let the kids play on their phone and tablet.

Evan and me.

Apparently, Evan didn't think Hudson needed to be in the photo!

The church suddenly filled at 4:35 and there were tons of people standing.  That's when we put the electronics away and started singing carols.  Mass was wonderful!

After we got home, the boys were allowed to open their Christmas Eve gift.

I really love matching pajamas!

So much so that Eric and I got matching pj's too!

Christmas Eve family photo 2016.  My new favorite picture.

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