Friday, December 30, 2016

Beyond Christmas

We have had a very low key and relaxing vacation.  Eric was able to be home with us for the whole break, so we spent lots of time meandering around town, watching tv, and resting!  Just what we all needed.

The kids got Uno, Phase 10 and Life for Christmas, so we played games.

 The spinner was tough to spin!  Not like the old days.

Eric and I were out shopping one day when I saw KangaRoos shoes at Payless!  Oh my gosh!  I wanted a pair of these so badly in third grade, and I got them!  Not only did they make me run faster, but they had a pocket for my quarters so I could buy a cupcake or popcicle at school!

Hudson woke up on Wednesday just long enough to snuggle with on the couch and fall back to sleep in my neck!  I posted the black and white photo on social media.  Sleeping kiddos always get lots of "likes!"

I treasure these moments.  I know they are going to be few and far between as the kids grow.

We went bowling on Thursday.  I broke 100 in both games and won both times!

Bowling was a lot of fun.  We only have a few more days of vacation.  Sad.  But it's been a nice two weeks of family and relaxing.

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