Tuesday, January 24, 2012


*I like teaching algebra. I just picked up teaching the algebra and pre-algebra classes after Christmas break. I feel like the kids and I are in quite a groove. I keep telling the kids that math is my favorite to teach because there is always a right answer.

If you do the problem the right way, you get the right answer. I think some of them are starting to recognize my genius self!

*Evan is getting ready for First Reconciliation. He sang a song to me about being nice to his brother. I laughed on the inside, but it's a very sweet little song.

*Evan complains every time he has to write in cursive for homework, but he actually has rather nice handwriting.

*The Science Fair is in 7 weeks. Ugh.

*I'm going to be the Spelling Master on Saturday. That means I read all the spelling words to the kids. A little stressful.

*Hudson tries to give his toys to his teacher. He tells me almost every morning that he wants to give a car or a train to Mrs. Ortiz-Belcher. He even wanted to give her his running trophy that he earned a couple weeks ago. That little guy really has the sweetest heart.

Random enough? Mission accomplished.

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