Sunday, June 15, 2014

Happy Father's Day

 Happy Father's Day to an amazing dad!  I love looking back at some of these early pictures.  Obviously, Hudson was pretty new in this photo.  Evan was three and still sucking his thumb.  Daddy has plenty of room and patience for both his boys.

 This was taken on New Year's Eve of 2008.  Hudson was just over a year old and Evan was four.  I love Hudson's grin in this photo.  By the way, Eric started growing his beard the day Hudson was born.  He hasn't completely shaved it off since then.

 The most recent picture of Eric and the boys.  This was taken at Hard Rock Cafe in Las Vegas last week.

 Out of order, but this is one of my all time favorite photos of the boys taken at my sister's wedding two years ago.

I love Harry.  That's my foot under the blanket Harry is on.  He's such a lazy little dog.

We spent the day watching World Cup.  That's about it.  I did go grocery shopping and I got my nails done, but not much else happened.  It was a good day in my opinion.

Happy Father's Day to an amazing husband and father.  Eric really is one in a million.  I'm sure someday the boys will realize just how much he does for them from nightly snuggles to managing soccer teams.  Eric loves his boys, and they love him.

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