Monday, June 16, 2014


I was glued to the tv set from 3-4:45 today.  USA beat Ghana in their first match of World Cup 2014!  So exciting!  (Link to the photo and article.)

Evan and I were screaming like we actually at the match.  So much fun.  I heard the commentators say that this is only the second time ever that the USA has won their first match in World Cup.  Plus, getting our first goal at 32 seconds was pretty awesome as well!  Sixth fastest World Cup goal.  Pretty cool.

Other than scream at the tv, today was the first day of summer school.  All seemed to go well. One day down.  Twenty-nine to go.  Easy work.  Keeps me busy.  Keeps me at school.  Make a little money.  Can't beat that.

Trying to clean little spots and kill ants when I see them.  Oh how I hate ants.  They are coming out of light switch plates.  Gross.

Need to make a run to the Salvation Army drop site tomorrow.  Then I can clean up my dining room.

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