Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Funny Photos of Evan

Sometimes I just need to go through and upload all the random, strange and certainly memorable photos from my phone for your viewing pleasure.  Or at least for the pleasure of the two people who probably read this little blog!

Not the best shot, but Evan is #15, second kid from the left, short, blonde, and about to play football in Madera.  They sadly lost this game.  However, it was not for lack of good effort.

 He looks tired.  This child is really carrying a lot this fall with practices and game for his school flag football team and practices and games for his travel soccer team.  Besides the sports, he is working hard to achieve gold honor roll.  Some weeks are harder than others.

Oh my silly, green-eyed boy.  I'm really happy I got a child who got my green eyes!  Not really sure where the blonde came from, but those eyes sure are pretty!  He has since buzzed his hair which I think makes him look much older.

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