Monday, February 21, 2011

Six Miles

I figured out how to get the kids to eat a good dinner and go to bed easily. Take them on a six mile bike ride!!

We set out on the same trail as the one where my race was held on Saturday. (We also went back there yesterday. The boys biked and I ran 3.5 miles. Today I was on my bike with the family.)

Eric and Evan zipped ahead of us, but would wait for us at intersections and tunnels. Hudson and I were a minute or two behind them, pedaling VERY SLOWLY! I have to give Hudson credit. He is a trooper and never quit. His little legs must turn over five times as much as ours.

The only problem riding with Hudson is that he is all over the place! He's either going very fast or really slow. He veers into the opposite lane or he's on the shoulder. He chatters the whole time, and he loves to turn his head around to see me instead of watching where he is going. However, he loves the ride, and it gave my legs a chance to recover from the runs of the past two days.

There was one moment when I thought he was going to take down two serious adult riders. Hudson heard them coming from behind us and turned his head to see what was happening. This caused his bike to swerve into their lane as they were trying to pass us. Oh dear Lord. My heart about stopped. Luckily they were able to avoid my little roadster. They were kind enough to be impressed with Hudson being able to ride at such a young age!

This was my view for three miles out and three miles back trying to make sure my front tire didn't hit his back tire.

Riding under Highway 168. You can just see Eric and Evan off in the distance. And this is where I would have been shouting to Hudson, "Get on your side of the line!"

Pretty trail that includes lots of trees, nice path, several tunnels, and emergency posts.

This is the park where we parked the car. I stopped to read the sign. I knew that the town of Clovis was named after Clovis Cole, who had given some of his land so that the railroad could come through. The entire reason the town is here is because of the railroad. The trail we were riding on used to be the railroad lines and was turned into a bike/walk path.

A close up of the dedication plaque. I'm guessing this site was a depot stop at some point in history. But I could be wrong.

While Eric loaded the bikes back into the van, the boys climbed the rock wall. At first Hudson couldn't do it, but soon he got the hang of it.

This was another one of those weekends that I didn't want to come to an end. Sleeping in, family bike rides and runs, good dinners, sports, ABC flashcards, double digit math with carrying, contractions, and lounging were quite appreciated this weekend.

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  1. I miss days like that!!! I love living in a climate where we could be outside, riding bikes, walking, just enjoying it all the time. I can't wait to have the weather get better...your making me anxious!! :D