Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Basketball Debut

Evan has been working out and training with the JV basketball team since December. He is the only first grader (or second or third grader for that matter) in the school who was allowed to do this.

After school instead of going to daycare, Evan changes into practice clothes and runs the drills with the team. He is an honorary member who gets to work out with the team, but doesn't get to play in games. Evan has gone to many games, and he warms up with the team and cheers from the bench.

Today, however, was a little different.

Coach Dodd gave Evan a jersey at practice yesterday and told him he'd be playing in the game today!

Eric took off from work early to see Evan in his first basketball game, and it was awesome!

He got lots of play time, saved a ball from going out of bounds, and was a little demon on defense. Awesome stuff!

Suited up and ready to go. Evan told me he'd be playing against sixth graders. When I asked him if he was nervous, he said no, he was excited!

Evan is at the very left of the picture.

He's been working hard all season with his team and had a great game!

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