Sunday, February 1, 2015

Daily 4C - Week 5

*New look for the blog.  I wasn't overly thrilled with the super soft pastel look from before.  I like the slightly brighter look of these new colors.  Hope you do too!

We finished up this week with a quarter final win in State Cup and began the week with Catholic Schools Week.  It's always a busy, crazy, and fun filled week with lots of dress up days and activities.

Day 25 - Warming up for the quarter final game in State Cup competition.

Day 26 - It's the start to Catholic Schools Week.  We start off with Pajama Day and Reading Night.  Evan, as usual, didn't want to take a picture.  The P.E. teacher, Miss Solinsky, chased him down and held him for the photo!

Day 27 - Catholic Schools Week Day #2.  Color Day.  Each class was a different color of the rainbow.  Second grade was blue and 5th grade was orange.

Day 28 - Wacky Day at school!  I think I look wackier than both of my kids combined!

Day 29 - After the Talent Show.  Long, but fun, day.

Day 30 - Dad came to the Catholic Schools Week wrap up rally and Hudson's teacher let him sit in the back with him!

Day 31 - I spent most of the day as the Spelling Master at the spelling bee and then went to take pictures at the JV Girls basketball game.

I'm ready for a calmer week ahead!

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