Friday, February 13, 2015

Friday Favorites: Favorite Things We Take For Granted When Sick

I've been sick for a week now.  It bites big time.  I'm coughing with bronchitis, wheezing, and am just generally miserable.  I'm also a horrid person to be around when I'm sick.  I try hard not to whine, but I'm not really successful at it.  I'm sure my husband is happy to go to work when I'm down and out!

I started thinking of all the things we take for granted that become so much harder to accomplish or deal with when sick.  Here are my top favorite items I've thought of:

1. Grocery shopping - Not my favorite chore to do when well, but trying to do it when sick brings on a whole different set of challenges.  Since I've had to be at the store anyhow to pick up prescriptions, I've tried to pick up a few food items to make it through the next few days.  There are a few problems with this: I don't make the best choices when sick and I always forget something!  While I waited for my new antibiotic this afternoon, I wandered around the store throwing things like Pepsi, onion puffs, and tortilla chips in the basket.  Yeah, that should get the whole family through for two more days...not!

2. Reading - I'm flat on the couch not moving very far.  It would seem like it would be optimum time to catch up on some reading.  Again, not so much.  I can't focus, and my attention span is like that of a gnat.  I can't even watch an entire tv show on DVR without losing focus or drifting off to sleep.  So much for taking advantage of lounging time.

3. Lesson planning for school - Even if my lessons plans are typed and ready to go, I always need to tweak them to adjust for a human other than myself teaching my classes.  I don't need explanations in my own lesson plans, but others do.  I took Kid #1 to school this morning and ran inside to adjust lesson plans.  I hope they made sense in my germ infested state.

4. Dealing with kids - Kid #2 stayed home today as well.  For the most part he was really good, did his own thing, watched his own shows, and played his own games while I moaned and groaned on the couch.  However, there were a few moments of having to pull out all my reserves in being patient with him.  He's only seven.  He thinks bopping a balloon around the family room is a perfectly acceptable "get well" strategy.  I've been pretty short tempered with both kids all week, especially after we get home from school after feeling wormy all day.

5. Food - See #1!  I made pretty bad food choices at the store.  The last thing I feel like thinking about when sick is what to have for dinner or even lunch.  I don't crave healthy foods when I'm sick.  I want Cheetos and sugar.  I did manage to pull chicken out of the freezer and throw it in the crock pot today, so when Eric got home, he was able to start rice, shred the chicken, and get dinner on the table for us.  The recipe came from HERE.

Bonus - I'm forever grateful and thankful for my husband, but even more so when I'm feeling bad and he runs the house.  He is always my rock.

Sorry for the "downer" post.  I'm just a big pity party happening over here.  One more day home from school today.  I need to get well enough so I can be at Hudson's 1st Reconciliation (confession) tomorrow morning.

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