Sunday, February 8, 2015

Daily 4c Week 6

Here are the Daily 4C pictures from Instagram for the first week of February.

Day 32 - We enjoyed food and friends at the Elbow Room in Fresno while watching the Super Bowl on Sunday afternoon.

Day 33 - Almost an exact copy of Day 32, but this time rather than being at a fun restaurant for the Super Bowl, we were sitting in a doctor's office waiting for Eric to have an endoscopy done.  This is one of the many steps he'll go through to get to the gastric sleeve surgery.  Go HERE to read about my perspective on this journey Eric is taking.

Day 34 - Former student, older sister to Evan's best friend, and all around sweetest girl I know! We were watching her brother and Kid #1 play basketball.

Day 35 - I wasn't feeling much like cooking, so we grabbed our gift card and headed to eat Mexican food.  The boys can sit like this forever watching video games on their tablets.

Day 36 - Loading up to head to soccer practice.  After dropping off the kiddos at practice with Dad, I made a run to load more money onto our Costco gas cards, put gas in my car, and pick up a few things at Wal Mart to get through the next two days.  I wanted candy and totally spaced out and forgot to buy any.  I guess that's not such a bad thing.

Day 37 - I had 1/3 of my class absent on Thursday and Friday from sickness.  Double ear infections, strep throat, flu, fever, coughing. and stomach issues.  These kids are SICK!  I decided rather than forge ahead in algebra, I'd take a fun Friday break and teach them some logic puzzles.  The one above is called a Rosetta.  It's one of my favorite types of number puzzles to complete!

Day 38 - Dad and Hudson being silly at Evan's basketball tournament.

It's my birthday week!  Bring on 40!

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